Cash is Nice, But Cali’s Reparations Task Force Wants a Real Estate Portfolio Too


Families who have fled conservative states for the Child Genital Mutilation Promised Land of California should immediately ask the reparations Taskforce where they could live. This task force will play a major role in the real estate market.

In its preliminary recommendations, the task force recommended that the state legislature mandate all cities and counties located in allegedly segregated regions to submit their property laws for state approval based on whether they maintain or reduce the “residential separation”. ”

It’s best translated as “We aint doin’ nothing for you, but vote for us nonetheless, mmkay? It can be translated as: “We’re not doing anything for you but please vote for us anyway, mmkay?” ”

Bob Hoge called this “the screech,” which is when the governor “frantically,” tried to change the situation. According to a spokesman from the Sacramento Bee:

Articles published by outlets like Fox News tend to sensationalize news. When the report is complete, the Governor will be eager to read the recommendations.

California Republicans seem to be having a good time. Assemblyman James Gallagher told Fox News Digital, “No matter what he does, he will anger some of his base.” This is yet another example of Newsom’s tendency for making big promises that he can’t or won’t keep. The people will quickly realize that Newsom is all talk, and not much action. ”

The taskforce for reparations wants to determine who lives in California. They have several suggestions to combat “housing discrimination” and “unjust seizures of property”, which contributed towards an alleged systemic racism against Black Californians. ”

Hmmm. The nice white liberals of the tech sector should be asked why they are pricing out black people from San Francisco housing.

One controversial housing proposal involves a proposal to give local land use decisions over in the form an ordinance approved by the state based on levels of segregation.

Newsom may be able support this. Create an agency to take the power away from municipalities and eventually private individuals.

The task force wants to give new powers to bureaucracy or mediocrity. In order for the California Legislature not only address the local zoning, but also the systemic discrimination, it should also identify the cities and counties that have been historically redlined. These are areas where residents were denied financial services such as loans and insurance.

The focus of the task force is not only on money and power. Palestinians, along with their fellow victims, have a “right to returning” to areas where they were “displaced” due to development projects, racial restrictive covenants, state sanctioned violence, and racial terror.

They may be focused on money and power. How could this utopia possibly fail?

Other housing-related suggestions included in the final recommendations by the committee are funding anti-racism education programs or creating diversity equity and inclusivity certification programs for affordable housing contractors, providers, and decision makers.

It is likely that the last people to leave California will be doing so by themselves.