FBI Probes Controversial Democratic Mayor Linked to Biden Encounter Last Month


Six people are said to have spoken with the FBI regarding Dolton, Illinois mayor Tiffany Henyard’s conduct

According to reports, the FBI is investigating allegations of misconduct against Dolton, Illinois mayor Tiffany Henyard. A local businessman claimed that he had been punished after refusing to contribute to an event held by the mayor.

Henyard posted an Instagram video of her chatting with Biden when she attended a White House press conference on Jan. 19 during the U.S. Conference of Mayors annual winter meeting.

Fox News Digital reported previously that Henyard was living like royalty with a combined income of nearly $300K, more than the Illinois governor. He also used beauty vendors frequently despite the 23,000 residents in the Illinois town only having a median of $24K. Henyard was also criticized for her tirades at public meetings. She accused local leaders of “beating up and attacking a Black woman in power”.

FOX 32 reported that Lawrence Gardner, a Dolton-based U-Haul trucking and rental business owner, went to the FBI because he was frustrated by the Village of Dolton’s refusal to renew his business license. He says he’s been harassed, his business has been raided and he was shut down by Dolton Police. Gardner believes that it is retaliation for refusing to donate money to an event sponsored by Henyard.

The embattled mayor Tiffany Henyard posted a video of her meeting with President Biden last month.

Gardner told FOX32 that she spoke to two FBI agents to explain what was going on. “I showed them my documents to show what was going on in Dolton and the court.” They told me that they would contact me when they had completed their investigation.

According to reports, he also claimed that FBI agents with whom he had spoken took his claims seriously: “Yes. Very serious. Very.”

Gardner is among six people who have spoken to the FBI allegedly about Henyard’s conduct. This includes other business owners, former village employees, and at least one public official.

FOX 32 cited Dewayne Wood, a restauranteur who has also had difficulty renewing his business license. He’s been trying to do so for nearly a year.

Wood, who has not reportedly spoken to the FBI but has been able to get “Wood’s Kitchen”, approved by the FDA because he catered to Dolton trustees in a fight with Henyard.

According to reports, the FBI is investigating allegations of misconduct against Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard. A local business owner had claimed that his company was punished because it refused to donate money to her event.

Wood added, “I believe I have been targeted due to my affiliation, association with a particular group of people. The trustees. “I’ve cooked for trustees.”

According to reports, one of the trustees welcomes the FBI’s investigation.

Jason House, Dolton Trustee, wrote in a written statement that “The Board of Trustees has questioned her on the use of public money” repeatedly. “We welcome any investigations that bring transparency to how taxpayer dollars are spent. “Our residents deserve this level of financial transparency.”

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A public relations company responding on behalf of Henyard informed FOX 32 that she had not yet been contacted by the FBI.

The firm stated that “Mayor Tiffany Henyard, and the Village Dolton, have not received subpoenas or been contacted by any law enforcement agency.”