FBI Provides More Info About ‘Bribery’ Form, as More Info on Informant Spells Trouble for Biden


We have been reporting on the FBI confidential source who told Congress the Biden bribery forms.

This set in motion a number of things. The FBI refused to comply with the Subpoena. The FBI wouldn’t admit the form existed until a week earlier, so you can imagine what they were up to. The House Oversight Committee had planned to vote on contempt charges on Thursday. But late Wednesday night, the FBI agreed that every member of Committee would be shown the form and given a briefing. Comer and Raskin will also receive two additional documents that were referred in the FD-1023 ‘bribery’.

James Comer, Oversight Chairman (R-KY), said that not only had the FBI failed to comply with the request, but also he accused the FBI of spreading a false narrative about the case being closed. This was quickly spread by Democrats such as Rep. Jamie Raskin, (D-MD), and the White House. Bill Barr, the former Attorney General, confirmed this incorrect narrative. The case related to bribery forms was not closed and was sent to Delaware’s U.S. attorney for further investigation.

There was also something else to be noted. Raskin stated that the whole matter had to do with the FBI’s investigation into the information Rudy Giuliani gave them. He tried to spin the story as if it had something to do with Donald Trump because they always try to blame Trump in order to divert attention from Joe Biden.

This is not true.

According to a person familiar with the investigation, who spoke to The Federalist, the CHS (confidential source) and the FD-1023 summation of his statement are both “unrelated” to Rudy Giuliani and “not derived from” any information Giuliani has provided. The House Oversight Committee has stated that the FD-1023 of June 30, 2020 “stands alone” and is not a part of documents Giuliani gave the FBI in January, 2020.

According to the House Oversight Committee the FD-1023 in issue “contains confidential information from the FBI’s human source that dates back to another FD-1023 produced in 2017”, which removes Giuliani completely from the equation.

Comer confirmed this in his earlier remarks regarding the subpoena. In his statement, he said that the informant “had first-hand conversations” with the foreigner who claimed to have bribed Vice President Biden.

It was not Giuliani who provided the confidential information, nor was it a random individual; it came from a foreigner who claimed to be Biden’s briber. This is pretty serious stuff. Raskin cannot deflect by calling Giuliani and pretending that this will somehow muddy the water or divert attention from the serious questions.

Comer confirmed the same information in an exclusive interview with Harris Faulkner of Fox News, where he accused Raskin lying about the document as well as the investigation. He claimed it was nothing to do Giuliani, and the FBI had said the document was an ongoing investigation four times. Barr confirmed that it was still ongoing.

Raskin either has a complete misunderstanding of all the Biden investigation that may be taking place or he is not telling the whole truth. Choose your favorite. Comer calls it lying.