Fetterman Checks Into Hospital Seeking Treatment for Clinical Depression


According to chief of staff Adam Jentleson, “Democratic Senator John Fetterman, from Pennsylvania, went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Wednesday night for treatment of clinical depression”.

Jentleson said that John suffered from depression all his life. The severity of the condition has increased in the last few weeks. Jentleson made the statement Thursday. Dr. Brian P. Monahan, the Attending Physician of Congress, evaluated John on Monday. He told John that he is getting the right care and will soon return to normal.

In the 2022 U.S. Senate election, Fetterman was defeated by Dr. Mehmeto O, a Republican candidate. In May 2022, he suffered a stroke and had to get a pacemaker implanted and a defibrillator.

Joe Calvello is Fetterman’s communications director. He stated that Fetterman went to George Washington University Hospital because he was feeling lightheaded. Calvello said, “Fetterman’s CT, CTA, and MRI tests had all ruled out a stroke, his EEG results were normal, and there was no evidence of seizures.

Fetterman suffered a stroke last year and has been experiencing auditory processing problems. He relies on transcriptions to understand the words of others. Fetterman said that the experience was similar to trying to understand the voice of the “Peanuts” teacher, where the speech isn’t understandable and muffled.

Legislators released statements supporting Fetterman after announcing that he is seeking treatment for depression.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Senator John Fetterman who is being treated again for clinical depression. We pray that all people suffering from this condition find strength, support, and peace.

“Thinking about Senator Fetterman now. He’s receiving the support at Walter Reed.” Adam Schiff, a Democratic Representative in California, tweeted, “We are with You.”