The Feds Are Tracking the Unvaccinated, and You Won’t Believe WHO Is Telling Them to Do It


Perhaps you recall me referring to the COVID-19 lockdowns (and other responses to the bat-flu epidemic) as a “dress rehearsal for communism.”

It’s now time to show, I was wrong!

The Centers for Disease Control now monitors Americans who have opted to forgo the ineffective vaccine or are only partially vaccinated.

The WHO, an unelected, globalist, commie-dominated organization, is supposedly committed to solving global health issues.

How do we know if Chi-comms have infiltrated the WHO?

China and the WHO have agreed that COVID cannot transfer from one person to the other.

The WHO also rejected Taiwan’s request to be an observer.

Robert Malone, a well-known doctor, and activist were “canceled.” He said that the now-public surveillance program, the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), was not only used to monitor those who had been partially or fully vaccinated but also included others.

Doctors in hospitals and clinics now have to ask their patients if they’ve been vaccinated. If not, please inform the NCHS.


On April 1, 2022, the U.S. program was created. It was not implemented nationally until January 20, 2023.

A patient does not have to give consent for the data to be added to the database.

This information can be found both inside and outside of the United States healthcare system.

This program includes Medicare and Medicaid.

The 1974 Privacy Act protects our medical records. A diner hostess can legally ask for your vaccination passport to buy a cup of coffee.

Why would you want this information? Dr. Malone states that vaccination passports are the ultimate goal. These passports could easily be requested by airlines, car rental agencies, and other forms of mass transit.

Dr. Malone had more to say about Bolshie Program.

Before most Americans are aware of what was going on, the administrative state has been busy creating a vaccine passport system. No one will ask you about your vaccination status.

They do not need approval from Congress or the courts as they have already received the information through healthcare providers. The CDC is the governmental agency responsible to track individual vaccine status.

They already have the records and the updated booster information. All they need to do is modify a definition or convince President Biden of the necessity for the COVID-19 public safety emergency to be kept indefinitely. Once the records are complete, vaccine passports can be obtained.

The FBI obtained the fingerprints from NYC teachers who were not vaxxed but were fired for not having received the clot shot. This could have hindered their ability to find work elsewhere.

This is both shocking as well as frustrating. My first question to the government is “What did I do?” Rachelle Garcia, an ex-teacher in NYC, shared her story with Fox News’ Ashley Strohmier. “Mentally and religiously, I did not want any experimental drugs in my body. What is this criminal activity?

I have been sounding the communist alarm for almost two years. Bolshies infiltrate all institutions of the country.

There are two choices: Support hard-core conservative politicians who support the Constitution and learn Mandarin.