Finland Announces It Will Join NATO, Sweden to Follow, While Moscow Makes Usual Threats


Sauli Niinisto (Finnish President) and Sanna Marin (Prime Minister) announced Thursday that Finland had to apply immediately for NATO membership. The move was expected as Finland will apply for NATO membership by Saturday. Viktor Orban has cleared the way for Finland’s accession to NATO in just a few months.

Pekka Haavisto (Finnish Foreign Minister) stated that Russia’s war had jeopardized Europe’s stability and security.

This is an excellent example of the impact that the decision will have on Finns. Six months ago, only 20% of Finns supported NATO membership. More than 80% now want it.

Sauli Niinisto, Finland’s President, made Vladimir Putin aware that Finland had joined NATO due to Russian threats to Finland. See Putin’s Threats To Sweden & Finland Much More Real Than They Are Being Given Credit For.

Russia is clearly not happy. This translation is made by Sergey Lavrov’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The foundation of stability in the Northern European region was built on the policy of military non-alignment. It provided security for the Finnish government and was a solid foundation for mutually-beneficial cooperation between our nations. The military factor was therefore eliminated.

Helsinki wasn’t convinced by Russia’s assurances about Finland’s neutrality, nor their long history of mutually beneficial and good neighborly cooperation. However, they saw the benefits of a non-alignment policy in military matters.

NATO’s goal is to continue expanding toward Russia, whose members convinced the Finnish side that there was no alternative. History will decide whether Finland should make its territory a front in a military confrontation with Russia, and lose its autonomy to make its own decisions.

Joining NATO will also be a violation of Finland’s international legal obligations. This includes the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty that requires all parties to refrain from using force or threatening force against another party. The 1992 Treaty between Russia and Finland on the Basis of Relations also stipulates that no party will use its territory to impose armed aggression upon another party. This is due to indifference by the West to international laws.

We will respond to your circumstances.

“Long history with mutually beneficial and good-neighborly cooperation. ”

Russia threatens Finland with “retaliatory measures, both technical and otherwise.” While no one is sure what “retaliation with a military-technical nature” means, it’s something we’ve heard before. It was taken on February 17, 2017, one week before Putin’s War.

Russia demanded binding commitments in a letter addressed to the U.S. These commitments included the promise that Ukraine would not join NATO and no missiles should be placed within Russia’s borders. NATO should also withdraw its forces from Eastern Europe.

“Insofar as the American side is not ready to agree to a firm and legally binding guarantees to secure our security against the United States, its allies,” the letter stated.

Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia’s deputy UN ambassador, said that Finland was now being targeted.

Dmitry Polyanskiy was the First Deputy Representative of Russia to the UN. Dmitry Polyanskiy, the First Deputy Representative for Russia to the UN, informed Freddie Sayers that joining the bloc would make Sweden & Finland enemies overnight and make them a Russian “target”.

He stated, “They know that NATO membership will imply certain mirror actions on the Russian side. “If NATO detachments were located in these territories, they could be a target — or a potential target — for a strike. ”

“NATO is very hostile to us — It’s an enemy, and NATO admitted Russia was an adversary.” They had been good neighbors for many years and were now living peacefully. They can choose to become part of an unfriendly group at any time.

The diplomat said that Russia was not concerned about the decision and that it did not affect Europe’s security situation.

“I don’t think it will pose a threat to Russia’s security if these countries become NATO members. Although they hope that they don’t, it would be a horrible solution for them. Russia is ready to face NATO threats, but not for them. Russia has taken all necessary precautions. However, this doesn’t change the security situation in Europe which has been dominated for years by the NATO threat to Russia.

You can’t tell a story about Russia without talking about Russia nuking someone.

The most striking thing about the Russian response to Finland and Sweden joining NATO is that it accepts them. Russia just has to realize how dangerous the security environment is.

The immediate threat of retaliation was to cut off Finland’s natural-gas supply.

Sweden is next.

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, has signed a security deal with Sweden this week. It promises to assist Sweden in the event of an attack or if it becomes a NATO member.

Sweden sees the Russian threat differently than Finland after February 24. Russia’s attack aircraft with nuclear weapons on board violates Swedish airspace, and Sweden joins NATO

Two NATO countries that share borders with Russia were added to NATO after a war in Ukraine. Russia tightened its belt to avoid being encircled, and so went to war.

If you think Putin is playing multidimensional Chess, then this is a good example of his political shrewdness.