The Washington Post Attacks the Gaming Industry


Nathan Grayson, a videogame journalist, wrote for Kotaku at the end of 2014. Grayson had a relationship with Zoe Quinn (a game developer) and was writing glowing reviews for Quinn’s games without disclosing the relationship. The gaming community was not happy with the unethical journalism they were receiving about the gaming industry. They demanded better.

The now-social justice soaked gaming websites responded by publishing articles about how the gaming industry was dead and that journalists and developers didn’t have to respond or pay any attention to them.

These were only the beginning of a long, complex socio-political battle called “GamerGate.” It was a lengthy and complicated war, with many players and changes. An entire book would be required to describe all the events, players, and changes that took place. It was the first setback in the social justice blitzkrieg of culture and the first major loss for the hard left in the modern culture war. Leftists still complain about it to this day and try to paint it as something else.

Kotaku and other news sites that fell into what was later called “woke culture”, weren’t the only ones that had made a dark turn. For a long time, mainstream media outlets were hard-leftist and more likely to spread lies and propaganda than their gaming site counterparts.

Today, mainstream media outlets embrace woke culture to the extent that they are enforcement arms for the left. CNN, MSNBC, and NBC are just a few examples of mainstream media outlets that have embraced woke culture. You can likely recall more misinformation being spread than once. CNN was one of the worst offenders, and it was very unapologetic about it.

The Washington Post is like CNN one of the worst offenders. RedState’s extensive archive of articles details the hypocrisy, egregious lies, and plain stupidity that the site has to offer. It should, and why wouldn’t it? This post contains some of the worst journalism and journalists such as Taylor Lorenz, Glenn Kessler, and Glenn Kessler. Both are constantly criticized for their absurd reporting.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kotaku Grayson is now Washington Post Grayson.

Grayson published an article on Thursday claiming that he called 20 video game companies to ask them about their plans in light of the threat against Roe V Wade that emerged from the leakage of a Supreme Court decision.

Grayson said that, despite abortion becoming a hot topic in society, the gaming industry, which is responsible for creating video games, has been silent about the issue. Grayson noted that gaming companies had donated to BLM before and wondered where this support came from.

Jeff Charles, my colleague, said it well when he described the actual actions of Grayson and the Washington Post.

The Washington Post is a prominent legacy activist media outlet in America that is trying to get companies to agree on the issue of abortion. They act as an enforcer for the woke mob. Their goal is simple: To coerce these corporations to support abortion by bullying, shaming, or coercing.

Grayson is being used by WaPo to hold the gun to public opinion against heads of videogame companies. This forces them to support their cause with words and also fund activist groups and politicians. WaPo is a mafia enforcer that comes to your place and remarks that it’s a beautiful place.

You can be loyal and pay up, and you might not have to worry about anything.

It is pure intimidation. It’s almost all journalism.

Video game companies exist to create video games. They are not there as toadies for any political party or movement. They, and any company, should not be involved in politics. They rarely succeed in this endeavor. The most common way a company goes bankrupt is actually going bankrupt.

It is in a company’s best interests to ignore Grayson and not reply.

It is, however, in our best interests to learn as much as possible about the Washington Post.

It has repeatedly proven that it is not an organization for news. Although it may occasionally produce news stories, that is not its primary, if any, purpose. It’s more like a gumball machine at Planned Parenthood.

This is an activist group pretending to be a news agency. It’s not there to tell you the truth. It is there to give you a story. It’s not there to serve the public; it serves an agenda. It is responsible for all information that comes out of its offices. Until it is examined and investigated by all, from journalists to the general public, should initially be disbelieved.

WaPo reminds me now of Kotaku. It is no longer worth my attention.