Fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok Invokes Famed WWII General After Jonathan Turley Blasts His Unhinged Hostility


Peter Strzok, a disgraced ex-FBI agent, was fired.

His name continues to evoke visceral feelings among tens of millions of Americans. Strzok, a fellow agent Lisa Page with whom he was having an illegal affair, and, of course, James Comey, then-FBI Director, were the ones who shattered the image of a just, impartial FBI. Comey was eventually and unceremoniously fired in 2016 by Trump.

Jonathan Turley, a noted Georgetown University Law School columnist and Fox News contributor, attacked Strzok on Sunday for his “unhinged hostility” as well as his “lashing out” at Trump and “trolling his objections about the raid on Mar-a-Lago.”

Turley continued:

Strzok seems eager for confirmation of the accusations against him. These public statements only fuel suspicions that Strzok was trying to confirm the allegations against him.

Exactly. Turley’s objective analysis is in place of Turley’s personal politics. We have come to respect Turley’s political opinions.

As I mentioned, Strzok could not help but get full-metal Stzok and lash out at Turley. He ridiculously invoked the memory of George S. Patton (the United States Army general who commanded a Seventh United States Army in World War II’s Mediterranean theater).

When your grandson is thirty years old, he will ask you “What did you do during the great attack on American democracy?” He won’t need to hear you say “Well, I shovel sh*t defending Trump.”


Through the years, the blindness and tunnel vision of the left as well as a total ignorance of the depths of its hypocrisy have both annoyed and amused me. Rabid abortion activists have threatened the families of Supreme Court justices, even trying to assassinate one, while Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi rail against the Court’s right to give states the ability to make decisions about abortion that affect their citizens.

This list continues, with the left trying to take away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners and attempting to enforce unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates upon the American people. The left is determined to seize power from the people and the Constitution of the United States.

Although Peter Strzok didn’t “shovel sh*t defending Donald Trump,” as he claimed Jonathan Turley and other people did, he did shovel quite a bit of it due to his unhinged hatred for Trump. Even better, Strzok was allowed to twist and turn by the liberal elites.