Florida Man Menaces Bike Rider With Machete, Then Shoots Him in the Face on Video


After an Oakland Park convenience store camera caught a gunman approaching a man and shooting him in the face, Florida police are seeking the public’s assistance to identify the suspect in the attempted murder.

Paramedics took the victim, whom authorities didn’t identify, to the hospital. He survived.

According to authorities, it happened near the 7-Eleven store at 3800 North Andrews Avenue in Oakland Park.

The surveillance video captures two men arguing outside the store at 1:50 AM on June 6.

The nature of the argument was not described by the sheriff’s office. The victim is seen sitting on a bike and the suspect, at one point, is parked in a handicapped spot before moving his car.

The suspect pulls out a machete and the victim pulls out a gun from his jacket in an apparent attempt to repel the aggressor.

The suspect then leaves the scene and moves his car to the parking lot’s exit lane. Then, the suspect approaches the victim with a gun.

Video captures the gun waving in his hand while he walks across the parking area, right up to the victim.

The victim collapses after a single shot to his face. The suspect then runs across the parking lot into a dark-colored Infiniti sedan.

Broward Crime Stoppers can be reached at 954-493-3TIP if you have any information.