Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law Facing Lawsuit Claiming it Attacks Families


A group representing Florida families (Southern Poverty Law Center Lambda Legal and Southern Legal Counsel) filed a lawsuit against the bill that would have stopped Parental Rights in Education.

Critics refer to the bill as “Don’t Say Gay”, It prohibits the discussion of sexuality or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

The lawsuit claims that the bill effectively silences LGBTQ+ students and families.

“Plaintiffs Jen Cousins & Matt Cousins want their children to feel safe and supported at school. Even Plaintiff S.C. seventh grader.” According to the lawsuit, HB 1557 does not just target S.C. but the entire Cousins family.

Plaintiffs Jennifer Cousins & Matthew Cousins claimed that the law would prohibit their children from discussing their nonbinary siblings in school. My children are entitled to respect their families.

Equality Florida, Family Equality, and other LGBT groups have also sued to challenge the law’s constitutionally protected rights of free speech, equal protection, and due process for students and their families.

Rick Scott, Florida Governor, was acclamatory for the Parental Rights In Education Bill. Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, stated that the bill “should not have passed” but was instead made into law. DeSantis signed an Act that removed the company from its long-held power to govern state affairs.

Biden (the President of the United States) also took sides. He called the parents’ bill “hateful”, via a tweet.

He wrote in February that he wanted all members of the LGBTQI+ community, especially the children who are going to be affected by the hateful law, to know that he had their backs and that my Administration would continue fighting for what safety and protection they deserve.

DeSantis has defended legislation at press conferences in retaliation against local reporters who used “Don’t Say Gay” labels in their questions.

“Is that what this bill says?” DeSantis questioned WFLA’s reporter on the misuse of that term. He said it was the reason people don’t trust people such as yourself because they believe in false narratives.

The governor stated that the legislation was meant to give parents insight into classrooms.

He stated, “And we’re gonna make sure that parents are able to send their child into kindergarten without any of the stuff being injected into the school curriculum.”