Former Disney Star Jonathan Majors Faces Explosive Allegations of Escalating Abuse in Civil Suit Filed by Ex-Girlfriend


The former girlfriend of actor Jonathan Majors filed civil allegations against him on Tuesday, including defamation and emotional distress, as well as assault, battery, and defamation.

This move comes just three months after the actor was found guilty in New York City of assaulting a woman.

Majors, a 34-year-old man, has maintained his innocence all along.

Marvel has dropped Majors’s name from their upcoming film slate after a jury found him guilty of third-degree reckless assault and harassment.

Grace Jabbari (31), a British dancer from London, has filed a new lawsuit in Manhattan federal court, alleging that Majors subjected her to escalating incidents and verbal and physical abuse between 2021 and 2023.

Brittany Henderson said that Grace Jabbari’s resolve had never wavered in an email sent to the Associated Press.

“She has displayed tremendous courage in her pursuit of accountability. This action will bring the truth to light, and give her the justice she deserves.”

In December, a Manhattan jury found him guilty of one misdemeanor charge of assault and one violation for harassment stemming from an encounter with Jabbari in March.

The court also acquitted him of another assault charge as well as aggravated harassment. Major’s sentencing date is April 8th.

Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ lawyer in the criminal case, stated in an email, “The lawsuit is no surprise. Mr. Majors is preparing counterclaims against Ms. Jabbari.” She did not elaborate.

Majors is also accused of malicious prosecution and defamation for allegedly lying to the media saying that he had never abused Jabbari, and for filing a criminal case against her in the incident which led to her arrest and claiming that he was the innocent victim.

The new case has not yet been commented on by other lawyers the actor’s representative.