Former Obama DHS Secretary Acknowledges Nationwide Border Surge Crisis, Urges Bipartisan Border Bill Passage


Jeh Johnson stated that it would be “tragic” if the border bill was not passed by lawmakers.

Obama’s DHS Secretary admits that border surge is a crisis on multiple levels

Jeh Johnson, former DHS Secretary under Obama, will discuss the severity of the border crisis on the southern side and some possible solutions.

The former Homeland Security chief for President Obama warned on Thursday that the border crisis had spread “nationwide”, as sanctuary cities struggled with migrant crime, and other effects of the surge.

Former DHS secretary Jeh Johnson acknowledged that the influx of illegal immigrants at the southern border had resulted in a “hemispheric shifting” “in multiple places.”

Johnson stated, “Just to put things in perspective: we had 250,000 arrests in a month during my second year as president. We had 315,000 arrests for the entire year 2015. I know the numbers are down, but in the long term, there is a shift to the north. It’s a multi-level crisis in many places.”

Biden will travel to Brownsville, while former President Trump will visit Eagle Pass. The issue of border security is still a major concern for voters in the months leading up to November.

The White House stated that Biden will use his trip to discuss the importance of the Senate’s bipartisan agreement on border security. They added that the President would “reiterate [his] calls for Congressional Republicans not to play politics and provide funding for additional U.S. Border Patrol officers, more asylum officials, fentanyl detector technology, and more.”

The last line of defense: Sheriffs are fighting crime committed by migrants in US communities as the border surge continues.

Johnson expressed his support for the bipartisan legislation and urged lawmakers to pass it to reduce the influx of migrants at the Southern Border.

“I like this bill. He said that this is the most bipartisan border security bill in recent memory. It would be a tragedy if this bill slipped our hands.

“We’ve got a solution in front of us… Let’s embrace her.” Vote on it. Let’s get it done. “I guarantee that the numbers will drop if this legislation becomes law because we have addressed the issue and people in Central and South America see that we are addressing it.”

According to a report published last week, an estimated 7.3 million illegal migrants have crossed the Southwest border since Biden assumed office.

This number is larger than the combined population of 36 states. The data comes from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which has reported 961 537 border encounters during the current fiscal period, which runs from October to September. If illegal immigration continues at its current rate, fiscal 2024 could surpass last year’s record 2,475,669 southwest-border encounters, which is more than the population of New Mexico.

CBP data show that the total number of Southwest land border encounters has been 7,298,486 since Biden took office in 2021.

Johnson stated, “There’s a border crisis in Texas and Arizona. And there’s also a crisis in midtown Manhattan just a few streets away.” You can see migrants near the Roosevelt Hotel and on the subways in Times Square. This extends nationwide. What are we going to do? We can continue to scream and play politics about the issue, or we can fix it. “There are solutions to the problem but, given our politics, they are politically unattainable solutions.”

He continued: “My view is that the legislation negotiated by James Lankford and the very conservative James Lankford with Chris Murphy and Kyrsten Sinema was a good one and would solve this problem… in many ways.” “I guarantee… if these provisions become law, those numbers will fall. What are our Washington politicians going to do? Will they adopt this hard-fought compromise, or will we continue to complain?