Tragic Toll: Death Count Hits 104 as Palestinians Killed During Gaza Humanitarian Aid Delivery, Reports Confirm


As some people rushed towards humanitarian aid trucks, they were attacked by gunfire.

IDF aerial footage of Palestinian crowd surrounding humanitarian trucks. The IDF released a video showing crowds of Palestinians surrounding a humanitarian truck in Gaza before it was fired on. (Credit: @idfonline/X)

Local media reported that at least 100 Palestinians were killed, and hundreds of others were injured when they ran toward trucks carrying humanitarian aid in Gaza City on Thursday morning.

The Israeli military claimed that the majority of those who died had been trampled. While several reports indicated that Israeli troops shot at the crowd when they approached the trucks, Israeli media reported the opposite.

Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesperson for the Health Ministry, said that at least 104 were killed in this incident and that 760 others were injured. He called it a “massacre.”

In a press release, the Israeli Defense Forces said that Gazans surrounded humanitarian aid trucks entering the northern Gaza Strip and looted their supplies. “During the incident, dozens of Gazans suffered injuries as a result of pushing and trampling.” The incident is being reviewed.”

IDF claimed that less than 10 civilians had been injured when Israeli forces opened fire on humanitarian aid recipients and that the majority of deaths and injuries were caused by the stampede.

The footage shows hundreds of people climbing on trucks and swarming around them during the incident.

At least 280 Palestinians were injured and dozens of Palestinians killed when they were shot at during a humanitarian delivery in Gaza City on Thursday morning.

Ashraf al-Qidra, Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson, said that the deadly incident occurred at the al-Nabusi Roundabout in the northern portion of the enclave west of Gaza City.

Fares Adwan, head of the Kamal Adwan Hospital’s ambulance service, told reporters that medics found “dozens or even hundreds” of people lying on the floor when they arrived at the scene. He claimed that there weren’t enough ambulances available to transport all the wounded and dead to hospitals. Some were transported on donkey carts.

Dr Hussam Ab Safia is the director of Kamal Adwan Hospital. He said that emergency personnel struggle to deal with the increasing number of patients.

An Israeli airstrike on Gaza – An explosive explosion was caused by Israeli air raids in Gaza City on Oct. 12, 2023.

Abu Safia, Al Jazeera, said: “Most of the patients we see are in critical conditions, which require urgent surgical intervention. But, we do not have operating rooms.”

I am helpless. “We are only administering first aid treatment.”

Hamas holds Israel, Biden’s administration, and President Biden “fully accountable” for this incident and the “ethnic cleansing” of its people. The group called on worldwide demonstrations to protest Israel’s bombardment in Gaza.

The group wrote on Telegram: “We have mercy upon the souls of the martyrs of our people, and we affirm their sacrifices and the blood they shed will not go in vain, and that we will stay loyal to our land and our sacredness, as well as our cause.”

Hamas blamed the incident on President Biden, his administration, and Israel.

Gaza City and northern Gaza were Israel’s first targets in its air, sea, and land offensive in response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack where militants from Gaza crossed the border and massacred around 1,200 people. The area is largely isolated and has received little assistance for months. It has suffered extensive devastation.

According to the Health Ministry, the death toll in the Palestinian war is 30,035, and another 70,457 have been wounded. The figures do not distinguish between civilians or combatants but say that women and children account for around two-thirds of the dead.