France’s Struggle with Illegal Immigration, Eye-Watering €1.8 Billion Annual Cost


It’s not just the U.S.!

After a deliberate delay by the president of France’s highest auditing institution, the report released on Thursday is damning of the costs of France’s open-border policy and the waves of illegal immigrants that resulted from these policies.

The report, which was published on Thursday, 4th January, is a harsh criticism of government policies, and in particular, of the actions of Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin who boasted of taking a hard stance against illegal immigrants. Darmanin says he has implemented an effective policy to expel illegal immigrants. He also claims that the rate of expelling delinquent foreigners has increased by 30%.

Normally, the first president of the Court, former socialist Minister Pierre Moscovici would have published the document in question on 12/12/13, two days after the motion was passed to reject the original version of immigration law. However, he chose to keep a temporary silence on this document, which is very damning to the government. He explained that he didn’t want to “interfere in any way” with the political discussion.

You would think this information is exactly what the public requires to have a full-fledged political discussion. Mssr. Moscovici has been remiss by deliberately delaying this information. A government should be transparent and clear with its citizens, and an agent of the French Government is doing this.

Sounds familiar?

The border management system is deemed to be a catastrophe, as identity checks are rarely performed and information is not collected.

Deportation courts and administrations are overloaded, with the number of OQTFs (Orders to Quitter the Territoire Françaiscais) issued increasing by 60% in the last five-year period, but the staffing responsible for them only increasing by 9%. OQTFs often are challenged and administrative courts cannot manage cases due to lack of resources and staff.

Deportation orders issued, but not implemented, are another major problem. In the debates over the past few months, the 10% figure for the OQTFs has been widely discussed.

The French border is wide open. Immigration laws are not enforced, French immigration courts are overloaded, and deportation orders are not implemented.

Sounds familiar?

This voluminous document contains the most important number: the cost of illegal immigration in France. It is EUR1.8 billion annually, which is borne primarily by the Ministry of the Interior. This astounding figure contradicts the Left’s claim that immigration has “enriched” the country. The Court report only examines the costs of illegal immigration.

It’s about two billion dollars. Each year. This is only illegal immigration. You might also ask, “Sounds familiar?” Here in the United States taxpayers can be happy with a cost that is less than what French taxpayers have to pay. The total of the costs of uncontrolled and illegal immigration here is about $150 billion.

It’s safe to assume, based on the report from France, that the asylum-seekers swarming to France, and indeed all of Europe, as they do here, know exactly what phrases to use to be admitted without any questions.

Most people, even those on the libertarian and conservative end, are not opposed to legal immigration. People who have something to offer, whether it’s capital, skills, resources, or talent, are welcomed in the United States or France. There’s no need to let everyone in, and the French should do the same. People who have nothing to offer but a willingness to break the law as their first act should be given a bus ticket back to the United States.

Most Western governments are complicit in this process. The Biden administration has failed miserably on this and many other issues. Make no mistake: Illegal immigration will be a major topic in the presidential election of 2024. It could be the main issue in the election of 2024.