Obama’s Unexpected Move Sends Shockwaves Through Biden’s Campaign


Isn’t that cute? Barack Obama, according to reports, is extremely concerned about Biden’s reelection bid. He is working behind the scenes with Biden’s aides, allies, and the White House to ensure that the campaign has the authority to make decisions independently without needing approval.

A report in The Washington Post stated that “Obama became ‘animated,’ when discussing the 2024 elections and the potential return of former President Donald Trump to power. He has also suggested to Biden’s advisers the need for more senior decision-makers at the headquarters in Wilmington, Del. It can either empower those already in place, or it can choose to hire more people. Obama hasn’t recommended any specific individuals. However, he did mention David Plouffe who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign as the kind of senior strategist that was needed for the Biden Campaign.”

Obama is also said to have directly spoken with Joe Biden.

Obama and Biden discussed the topic during a recent private lunch at the White House, according to one person. This meeting was not previously reported. Biden invited Obama to lunch and they discussed various topics, including the 2024 elections.

Obama praised the success of the 2012 reelection structure he had created, which saw some of his most senior presidential aides leave the White House and take over the Chicago reelection operations. This is in stark contrast to Biden’s strategy of leaving his closest advisers at the White House, even though they were involved in every key decision made by the campaign.

Obama recommended that Biden consult with former Obama campaign advisers. Biden officials claim they did so, according to the sources.

Obama was even more explicit in his comments to people close to Biden. He said that the campaign needed to move quickly, as Trump appeared to be on track to win the Republican nomination. The people who spoke on condition of anonymity said that his concerns about the structure of the campaign were not linked to any specific moment but instead to his belief in the need for campaigns to be agile during competitive races.

The Washington Post reported in 2013 that Obama and his ex-vice president met privately in June. Obama warned Biden during that meeting about Trump, stating that he was a “more powerful candidate” than Democrats realized.

The report states that Obama “promised” to “do all he could” to help President Obama get re-elected. This promise was “welcome for the White House, at a moment when Biden wants to secure promises of assistance from top Democrats.”

Biden’s aides dismissed Obama’s assessment because they were still angry that Obama told him to not run for president in 2016 and claimed that Hillary lost despite Obama’s aggressive campaigns for her. They need to accept that a restructuring of Biden’s campaign will not solve his problems.

Biden does not have a problem with his message. The mainstream media is constantly pushing his messages, whether it’s claiming that the economy is doing well or insisting there’s “no proof” to justify his impeachment. Biden does not have a leadership issue in the campaign. He has an issue with his record. Everyone, including Democrats, thinks that he is too old. This is not a good basis for requesting another four years.

Six months after Obama’s first advice to Biden about his reelection campaign, Biden hasn’t seen any improvement. Spoiler alert: nothing is likely to change.