Frustration Flares: CNN Host Threatens to Cut Off Heated Border Security Interview with GOP Lawmaker


Keilar said to Rep. Van Duyne: ‘Madam, may I speak? If you don’t allow me to speak, I will cut off the interview.’

CNN anchor Brianna K. Keilar and Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas) got into an intense exchange this week over the southern border security of the United States. The anchor threatened to end the interview in frustration.

Keilar and Van Duyne sparred over Van Duyne’s attempts to force President Biden to enforce the existing border laws.

The tension between Van Duyne and Biden reached its peak when she insisted the Biden administration ignores border security, and Americans die because of it. This is especially true due to the amount of fentanyl that crosses the border.

Keilar sparring of Van Duyne

On Tuesday, CNN’s Brianna K. Keilar and Rep. Beth Van Duyne sparred about the security of the southern border in the United States.

“Enforcing laws works” We have seen the exact opposite with this administration. Van Duyne added, “And you have seen people die.”

Keilar replied by saying that illegal immigrants in Texas commit fewer crimes.

Just to be clear, the criminal conviction rate of illegal immigrants in your state is 45% lower than that of native-born Americans. You’ve spoken in the past of rapes. She said that the numbers don’t back up her claim.

Keilar then tried to switch topics. “So, your argument is …” Van Duyne attempted to interject.

Keilar said, “Let’s concentrate on catch-and-release.” “Can we focus more on catch-and-release? I think that’s a good idea.”

Van Duyne made a comment which seemed to annoy his host.

You asked the question. Just to be sure that we are responding, I want to check. You sound like you’re defending the illegal immigrants who were beating up our police officers,” said the Texas lawmaker, referring to the migrants who assaulted NYPD cops recently.

On Dec. 20, 2023, in Eagle Pass (Texas), immigrants wait to be processed by Border Patrol at a center. The surge in migrants who crossed the southern border at the end of last year has overwhelmed U.S. Immigration officials.

No, please excuse me. Keilar replied, “I did not say this.” “Ma’am I do not believe that this is okay and I think anyone who watches that video should take a look and say it’s not okay. You’re misunderstanding my point of view.

The conversation centered on the bipartisan Senate Bill that Republicans defeated last week. Keilar said the bill would help lower the number of illegals released after they were detained for border crossing.

Van Duyne interrupted immediately, “No it wouldn’t,” he said. It would have allowed five thousand people a day into our country, which is more than the Trump administration.

Keilar was adamant that she would not go on.

“Ma’am… if you don’t allow me to speak, I will end the interview.” You can speak in complete sentences. “Okay, please show me the same respect,” she replied.

Van Duyne replied, “Thank you so much”.