Further Evidence of Transgenderism as a Mental Disorder Emerges


Transgenderism is a scourge in our society that needs to be addressed. Hollywood and influential figures within our government have helped to legitimize and mainstream transgenderism. It’s especially infuriating that this dangerous and harmful movement is being pushed onto our children.

It’s not acceptable to adults.

I would like to draw your attention to the case of a Michigan man, who is both transgender AND Muslim and who sued his ex-partner for $6,500. Why did he file a lawsuit against his former partner? The man, “Brianna”, Kingsley, had kept his amputated gonads in a Mason jar inside their shared fridge. William Wojciechowski was not interested in amputated parts and eventually disposed of the gonads.

Why did Kingsley keep the books? You’re right, your guess is the best I can come up with. But here’s some context:

Kingsley, also known by the Arabic name Zahrah Bri Zee Muharib, appears to have converted to Islam recently.

Kingsley posted a video on his TikTok page in April titled “The unboxing of Dee’s Nutz.” In the video, he removes a clear bag that has a biohazard tag while wearing a pink dress and lace veil.

The caption of the video reads, “Transgender Woman unboxes surgically removed lady balls that were [sic] packed by the Hospital who performed her gender affirming bottom surgery.” Kingsley smiles and laughs as he holds up the bag that contains his testicles, before returning them to their box and performing a bow. A painting of a naked woman with testicles is seen in the background.

Wojciechowski said in court that “she [sic] was removed her [sic] sperms–I think if I remember correctly, March 23 — and they were placed in the refrigerator,” “I didn’t want to be involved in it.” I thought it was strange, but I don’t judge people because everyone is different. It was what made her happy when I didn’t want anything to do with the body parts. I don’t like body parts or anything of that sort. “It’s actually kind of gross,” he added. It’s part [sic] of her [sic] twisted sense of humor, not mine.”

Kingsley’s testimonies was disturbing to say the least.

“Yeah. So because that physical abnormality has been a stress point in my life ever since I can recall, and my middle-name that I chose was “Dee”, because I’ve always been called “Big D.” I’m Dee, from the D. I thank God these “Deez Nuts” were extracted, and put into a bag of biohazard. “And for giggles, I put the Deez Nuts in a Mason Jar and put them next to the eggs in the refrigerator.”

That’s exactly what he said in court.

The court rejected Kingsley’s claim for $6,500, and Wojciechowski counterclaimed for $6,500 for damages he suffered due to the media coverage.

It’s transgenderism. This is a mental illness. It’s fetishism. It’s not normal or natural. How many more signs do we need to prove that these people require mental health treatment, not surgery?