Senate Republicans Eye ‘Standalone’ Aid for Israel, Ukraine


The Republican Congress has been in disarray and the paralysis that resulted is affecting funding for national security priorities, which are supported by the majority.

The majority of Republicans support funding Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, even though it is unpopular in the GOP caucus. The GOP is almost unanimously supportive of resupplying Israel’s war against Hamas. Taiwan also receives overwhelming support as China places pressure on Taipei.

The Senate, recognizing these priorities, offered a package that did not include border funding. Issues surrounding the border have created confusion and chaos within the GOP. They are unable to decide what they should do.

It is also important to note that Mitch McConnell’s influence as Minority leader has declined. His inability to effectively lead the Senate caucus could force him sooner than later to resign.

Associated Press:

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican Leader, had made the war one of his top priorities. However, the Republican Conference was deeply divided and desperately tried to find support. The Republican leader was losing control of his conference, and this showed how Donald Trump’s “America First” nationalism had replaced the traditional GOP principles that engaged in robust engagement overseas.

The Senate floor was deadlocked for several hours as Republicans tried to gather the votes needed to pass legislation. Schumer closed the floor to “give our Republican co-workers the night to sort things out” before a critical test vote on Saturday.

Some Republicans insist that border security legislation be included in the military assistance to Israel and the Indo-Pacific.

Ron Johnson, Senator (R-Wisc. ), said: “We must insist that our border be secure.” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) said: “We must insist on the security of our border. Axios reports that several other Republicans also have made the same request.

Mike Lee, a Senator from Utah, said: “We must secure America’s border before sending any more money overseas.

In America, there are two major parties. One party controls both the Senate and House of Representatives (or so it is said). Republicans like Lee, Johnson, and others refuse to accept this reality and continue with their fantasy.

 Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona Senator who is one of the people behind the Border Bill, came uncomfortably near the truth.

Sinema said that the GOP only cared about “campaign photosops”, but refused to act when given the chance.

The $95 billion package includes funding for allies as well as investments in the domestic defense industry. It also includes $10 billion to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine Gaza Israel and other places.

The bill has been amended to remove a separate section that would have allowed tens and thousands of Afghan refugees to apply for residency.

Speaker Johnson has repeatedly stated that he supports money going to Ukraine. However, he will not be able to overcome the opposition from about 50 GOP House Members who oppose any money going to Ukraine. House GOP tried to pass aid for Israel as a separate bill but it never made it to the Senate.

They hope voters will forget about their total dysfunction by November.