Gal With a Gun Saves Many Lives in What Could Have Been Mass Casualty Event


Many questions are being asked now about the police response in Uvalde to the mass shooting. Texas Governor. Greg Abbott claims that he was misled about the timeline by the police and that they didn’t tell him that they waited an hour-and-15 minute from the moment an officer arrived on the scene to kill the shooter.

There were some heroes, such as CBP agent Jacob Albarado who raced to the school with other agents and helped to rescue not only his daughter but many other children. Albarado encouraged people to allow teachers to be trained in carrying weapons so that they could defend their students and themselves. It is easy to imagine how different things would have been if that had been true.

We can indeed look back at a Charleston, West Virginia case that occurred Wednesday night.

Dennis Butler, 37, was warned that he would speed near children’s parties in an apartment building. Butler returned with an AR-15 and began shooting. This was a recipe for disaster. There were many people at the party, and many could have been injured or killed. A woman was allowed to carry a gun at the party, but she was not allowed to. She pulled the gun, fired, and brought down Butler. He was later killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

Tony Hazelett, Charleston Police Lieutenant, confirmed that she didn’t run from the threat but instead engaged with it and saved many lives. She was carrying a legal firearm and she stopped a threat. It was a graduation party, and there were kids at the party. We could have had a casualty shooter.

Butler had a long criminal record. No one was hurt by the woman’s actions. Hazelett stated that she would not be charged with any offense given the circumstances.

This was most likely what made the difference between multiple people dying or being saved. It is easy to see the difference time makes in defending yourself against the police or waiting for them to respond. This is a time window that can make all of the difference in the world. Charleston’s shooter had an AR-15 and the woman had a gun, but she was still capable of taking him out.

There are many things you can do to prevent mass shootings. Training people to respond appropriately is one. This is only one example. There have been other cases, such as Sutherland Springs where Stephen Williford (an ex-NRA instructor) ran naked with his rifle and took on a man who was trying to blow up a church. The man was stopped from killing more people by Stephen Williford’s shooting of him.