George Takei Slammed for Defending Nude Pride Marchers Exposing Themselves to Children


George Takei has been slammed on social media for defending Pride Parade marchers who exposed their bodies in front of children.

Video and photos were taken to document the incident. They showed nude LGBTQ activists on bicycles riding in a Seattle parade. Some photographs show children among the parade spectators.

Some on the left defended this inappropriate behavior to show their support for the LGBTQ community.

One of them was the openly homosexual “Star Trek” actor, who took to Twitter and defended the nude cyclists.

“Even if this year there were no naked men on bikes, they would still find pictures or create them to push the same agenda.” Takei tweeted that there’s no way to ‘fix’ this problem by calling for self-censorship.

This tweet suffered from the dreaded ratio. It received only 1,456 likes but had more than twice the number of comments. The tweet was bombarded with replies that slammed Takei.

Jordan Peterson replied, “Ask yourself one simple question, Mr. Takei. How far will you go?”

Ben Shapiro replied, “One of the greatest tweets ever,” paraphrasing the tweet to read: “Yes, gay dudes naked riding bikes in front of children is a thing. If it wasn’t true, then the Right would simply AI it into being. We shouldn’t stop.”

Can you call it what it is and say that being naked in front of children is unacceptable, or is this too much? One popular response.

You could stop wagging your genitals in front of children just for the sake of it. “Wild idea, I’m sure,” said another.

Free speech is important because it allows people like Takei the opportunity to reveal their true selves. Don’t self-censor, George. Another critic tweeted: “You’re doing fantastic.”

It is not the first instance that the internet used Takei’s liberal statements to undermine the far-left agenda. Takei received similar criticism and ridicule in 2022 for a comment about AR-15s, Ukraine, and the Second Amendment that was accidentally supportive of conservative arguments.

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