Let’s Slow the Roll on Impeachment of Anyone Before the GOP Does This First


It’s almost a shame that I am on the front page of RedState expressing my opinion about the need to slow down the fervor for impeachment against the corrupt Biden administration and the Democratic Party.
This feeling of being bad will pass quickly.

As someone who has lived through the Clinton Impeachment and both Trump’s Impeachments, as well as the contempt of Congress citation issued against former Obama Attorney-General Eric Holder, it is time to rethink how we handle this issue, especially after the way the Democrats handled it under Trump.

Nick Arama has covered Ted Cruz’s views on impeaching the Sleepy POTUS here. Ted Cruz: It’s time to impeach Biden; Evidence of obstruction against Garland

The walls of the White House are beginning to fall as Republicans continue to drum up support for Joe Biden’s impeachment.

Ted Cruz, R-TX, is the most vocal hawk. He is pressing the House to impeach Trump.

Cruz responded: “It’s right now.” When asked at what point the investigation into Hunter Biden and the problems it has raised could become an issue with the president that would lead to Republican efforts to impeach him, Cruz replied:

Cruz said, “This WhatsApp is proof that Joe Biden abused his government power in order to enrich his son and, assuming 10% to the big guy, for himself.” “Remember that this WhatsApp message says ‘we would like to know. This is not me, Hunter. I am just mooching my father. Of course, the House should investigate, but what is shocking is the IRS whistleblower’s claim [that the Department of Justice], Merrick Garrland prevented any investigation into this message.

Kevin McCarthy finally goes there, starts talking about impeachment of Merrick Garrland

Are the foundations being laid for Merrick Garland to be impeached over alleged false statements made to Congress? Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, sent this signal on Sunday.

McCarthy, for the first time in his leadership role since taking it, has directly promoted the idea of impeaching Garland. McCarthy cited recent revelations by an IRS whistleblower.

It’s hard to find any excuses. It’s clear that House investigators will need to do a proper impeachment probe to confirm the claims, but it appears impeachment has been firmly placed on the table.

Just to be clear, i’m not saying impeachment or contempt of Congress citations shouldn’t happen. We all know the outcome of an impeachment that goes to the Senate, and won’t pass so long as Democrats control that chamber.

Eric Holder, Attorney General during the Obama administration, laughed it off as a minor issue.

Donald Trump proved that you could be impeached more than once, and that if you don’t get the 67 votes needed in the Senate to remove them, you can still fundraise.

The Congressional committees who are examining articles of impeachment, or any other penalty, should explain to the American public why this action is necessary before the 2024 elections. The Dems used the majority of mainstream media to scare the American people into believing that Donald Trump posed a serious threat to the republic.

The same media will, of course, not extend the same courtesy to Republicans.

What I suggest is that the Republicans should go straight to the American public on Twitter, or any other platform, rather than relying on committees to do their work.

Since Musk purchased the platform last summer, they’ve rolled out a new way to get your message across without filtering. Fox News was not happy with the results Tucker Carlson achieved. Twitter Spaces was used by hundreds of thousands to listen in on the attempted coup in Russia that occurred this past weekend.

What if there were live video presentations where Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH, went through a professionally made live video explaining why major reforms needed to be implemented at the DOJ following the Durham Report?

What if James could detail all the information they possess about Hunter’s shady dealings and business practices without any interruptions and time limits?

What if Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, did a Twitter breakdown of what Dr. Anthony Fauci was aware of and when he knew it regarding COVID? Paul would not have to be given out of time and could answer LIVE questions by the people watching.

Republicans have the power to subpoena witnesses in the House of Representatives. This is an excellent tool. It is important to get people on the record under oath in order to make the case directly with the American people. I do not minimize this part.

Hearings on John Durham’s Report held in the House last week reinforced my belief that the Republican system of distributing information to the public has become less effective. The majority of Legacy Media have ignored the Durham Report and barely mentioned last week’s hearings after Jordan-led Committee discussed it publicly.

If Congressman Jordan would have just gone on Twitter and conducted a direct questioning of Durham for 30 to 45 minutes he could have revealed much more to those in this country who are searching for the truth. Also, we wouldn’t have to deal with Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-NY), who would frequently breathe heavily into the microphone to object to a statement.

Some people may say the Democrats will complain that it wasn’t fair or biased. But they are going to say this anyway. Nadler’s opening remarks at the hearing last week were so devoid and ignoring of what was in report, that it was a complete waste of time.

Since a long time, I have been saying on RedState as well as on my radio shows and videos at Duke over America that Republicans should sit down at the border and do a 24/7 video stream. It is not possible to convey the humanitarian crisis that Biden’s policies in that region have created in five minutes.

It is the same for any political failures such as Joe, Hunter or anyone else. You should not hold hearings before you have well-thought out presentations that the American public can refer to, discuss, and share 24 hours a days, 365.

The country will gain if the GOP thinks outside the box, and does something like this to sidestep the mainstream media. This will weaken their grip more than in the last couple of years.

They should do this to make sure that any official action taken by Congress is not forgotten, and instead rely on the old trope about history being made.

Today, public schools do not teach history very well.