Georgia GOP Turnout Shows the Red Takeover Is Coming


The overwhelming turnout for the Georgia primary showed that Democrats were wrong about the 2021 election law. Democrats falsely claimed the law was a “Jim Crow” effort to limit the vote. This was false. It actually increased voting opportunities. However, the turnout showed that Georgians could vote in any way they wanted.

But there’s an interesting, underlying number worth talking about: the remarkable increase in GOP primary voting numbers.

Republicans up 96 percent, Democrats up 26 percent? This is a clear blow to the restrictive voting story. Both went up.

It also shows a remarkable rise for Republicans, which we need to discuss more. As my colleague Sarah Lee pointed out, there is a small percentage of crossover voting. This refers to about 7 percent of those who voted Republican in open primaries and asked for a Republican voter’s ballot. My colleague Joe Cunningham pointed out that there was no doubt that some of these were Democrats voting against Trump-endorsed candidates for Secretary of State and governor. It is possible that Georgians viewed Brian Kemp as more likely to defeat Stacy Abrams than David Perdue.

Even if there were a small percentage of Trump-endorsed candidates voting against them, it is important to note that even with the 7 percent crossover, enthusiasm for GOP candidates was much higher than the Democrats. It’s possible that there are many crossovers who don’t do it because they are anti-Trump but because they are fed up with Biden, the Democrats, rising gas prices, and inflation. There are now a lot of parents who are being charged with CRT, gender identity, and all the other chaos being promoted by the Democrats.

Also, you had great numbers for Trump-endorsed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia (R-GA) and Herschel Walker who both got around 70%. What does this say about the crossover?

Democrats should be wary of Walker’s numbers during contested primaries vs. Warnock’s numbers.

It seems that the enthusiasm for Republican candidates is higher than for Democratic candidates. This is yet another indication of the potential for a tsunami to hit November. If Republicans keep their heads above water, this is good news for them.

It’s not about Democrats trying to play politics over Trump, Jan. 6, or any other Democrats might want to push. It’s all about the economy, and that’s what will sink Democrats in Georgia and around the country.