Ghislaine Maxwell Moved to Cushy Florida Prison That Offers Yoga and Pilates


Ghislaine Maxwell was moved to a federal prison in North Florida with low security to complete her 20-year sentence for a sex trafficking sentence for procuring teen girls to be abused by her and late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons database the British socialite, 60 years old, is currently living at Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution. It holds approximately 755 female prisoners.

This sprawling brick compound was home to Russian spy Maria Butina, and terrorist Colleen rose a.k.a. “Jihad” as well as Catherine May Wood who was a serial killer in an elderly home.

Maxwell must wear khaki pants and a shirt according to the facility’s website. Maxwell can also do flag football, yoga, and Pilates.

There are many indoor activities that are very popular such as a talent show and art and hobby crafting program.

Maxwell can spend up to $360 per month at the commissary. You can get a facial with collagen elastin for $6.22 and snacks like smoked gouda spread for $1.80 and Nutella for $4.90.

A prison consulting firm, Zoukis Consulting Group, stated that even sex offenders could be safe at Tallahassee Federal Criminal Institute. An inmate told Zoukis that all prisoners have access to the outdoor recreation area known as the yard.

Zoukis’ website states that “Sex offenders” are allowed to roam the yard. A prisoner stated, “Everybody can move around”. “Even people who have killed their own children or those of others”. “Nobody cares.”

Maxwell asked her lawyers to send Maxwell to FCI Danbury in Connecticut. This was the inspiration behind the smash prison series “Orange Is the New Black.” Maxwell’s request was not honored by the Bureau of Prisons.

The disgraced Oxford graduate will likely welcome the change of address. She had been housed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn since her arrest in July 2020 and has complained bitterly about conditions, filing dozens of complaints.

In June, a Manhattan jury found her guilty and sentenced her to 20 years imprisonment. Between 1994 and 2004, she was found guilty of grooming and recruiting four teenage girls for sexual encounters.

Epstein was a child pedophile who committed suicide while waiting for his trial.

Maxwell was the ex-girlfriend of the late billionaire and a long-time confidante.