Al Gore Blasted as Climate Shock Jock After Latest Global Warming Comparison


Al Gore, former Vice President, was accused of comparing Americans who don’t believe in climate change theory with Uvalde police officers, in Texas who failed to take any action against a May school shooting victim.

Gore called them “climate deniers” while claiming they were “in some way similar” to the negligent cops.

He said, “They heard the screams and the gunshots but nobody came forward.”

Monday’s panelists on “The Five” mocked Gore, while Greg Gutfeld pointed to a time when Gore said that fighting global warming was not like the battle against Adolf Hitler or the German Nazi Party.

Gore stated that Winston Churchill had resurrected the nation to save civilization during World War II.

Gutfeld called the comparison “scummy” while claiming that the former Democratic senator is “so deeply disgusting”.

“When they began this business, a few years ago they were comparing skeptical people to Nazis”. He said, “Comparing them with the police who couldn’t save those children was a step up”.

Judge Jeanine Pirro stated that Gore’s fellow global warming ideology acolytes are running out of time to be proven right.

“I am sick and tired of the left talking climate problems and we will all be dead within six to seven years”. AOC gave us twelve years. She said, “I think we’re down to seven years,”

“They don’t want me to eat beef because they don’t like that the cows have gas … [and] don’t tell me I can’t have an air conditioner because people in Europe don’t have an air conditioner. Don’t tell me how to live.”

Paul Hockenos, a German journalist, wrote a column for CNN in which he criticized the North American practice of window-mounted air conditioner units. He also noted that there had been an increase in Europeans following the U.S. example in this regard in recent years.

Hockenos claimed that less than 6% of the United Kingdom and Germany had homes with an A/C unit. This was an American invention created by Willis Carrier, a New York engineer in 1902.

The columnist complained that America’s luxury eyesore has been in a “wild run” this summer. In 100-degree weather, it is no longer considered a luxury.

Jesse Watters, host of “The Five,” later called Gore a “climate shock jock”, whose 22-year-old departure from office meant that he still wants “money and attention.”