Goldman Says Hunter Biden Case ‘Raises Serious Questions’ About Two-Tiered Justice System


Rep. Dan Goldman is still proving to be the most insufferable Democrat in the House of Representatives.

Goldman has been able to fool himself multiple times in his short tenure as a politician. Goldman tried to make the violent crime issue out to be a charade in a hearing, but a witness called him out on it. He also questioned the credentials of former U.S. Marine Julio Rosas in another hearing. It went as expected for the New York Democrat.

You get the picture. Goldman may be shameless, he is not very good at communicating that shamelessness. He comes across more as a spoiled trust fund kid, who believes he is smarter than his actual intelligence.

Goldman, for example, went on MSNBC Wednesday and declared that there is a two-tiered justice system… but it targets Hunter Biden. Yes, I’m serious.

Goldman: There is no basis for saying that this is political interference, or weaponization of the Department of Justice, as some say. Based on my own experience, I’m surprised that Hunter Biden has been charged with these crimes. You can look back at the civil and criminal enforcement of tax issues and see Roger Stone’s situation. He did exactly the same as Hunter Biden and only paid a fine.

In my opinion, the fact that Hunter Biden is even willing to take a plea bargain shows a double standard of justice.

What can you do other than laugh?

Hunter Biden is being accused with credibility of a number of serious crimes including tax fraud, FARA violations, and other financial crimes. He committed a crime involving a firearm that would land 99% of people behind bars. Hunter Biden was given pre-trial deferral on this charge, which is against DOJ protocol.

The fact that the president’s son, who is a degenerate, was only charged with two misdemeanors because he failed to file his taxes shows bias in favor of him and not against him. Two IRS whistleblowers who are registered Democrats are saying that the investigation was biased in his favor.

Even if you wanted to give the DOJ a benefit of doubt (and I’m not sure why), the argument could be made that Hunter Biden had pleaded to lesser charges and not that he had been overcharged. Goldman makes it appear as if there were only two misdemeanors on the table, but we know this is not the case.

Why, if you put all of that aside, does Goldman feel compelled to defend Hunter Biden this way? Why is he so concerned? Hunter Biden needs intervention (including religion), not protection by members of Congress. His behavior is grotesque, from the abuse of women and foreign corruption to disowning the daughter he raised. What kind of person sees Hunter Biden as a victim? Dan Goldman is the obvious answer, and it’s very telling.