Good and Bad News on the Twitter Freedom Front


All kinds of liberal efforts have come together to pursue Elon Musk and Twitter, because he supports free speech. They cannot have that. This included Democrats trying to sic Twitter’s FTC, liberal organizations pressuring Twitter advertisers to pull out, as well as Apple threating to remove Twitter from its App Store, which could have a negative impact on its reach.

There appeared to be good and bad news regarding Twitter freedom on Wednesday

If Musk doesn’t agree to their demands, the EU threatens him with banishment from Twitter.

The EU is a censorship pit, with laws and rules that are worse than the ones we have here. Thierry Breton, EU commissioner, threatened Musk during a video conference. He demanded that he adhere to their strict content moderation and pursue “disinformation aggressively” and agree to an independent audit next year.

They won’t follow through, their people may revolt if they do. But they hope they can force Musk to do so. Free speech is dead. Liberals here and there talk about democracy, but then they want to suppress speech they don’t control.

These are the same people who have no problem with TikTok being in the EU, despite China’s oppressive actions against its people. They claim to have no principles.

Musk stated that he would comply with the laws of different countries. However, that leaves plenty of room for him to not obey suppressing speech.

Even though the EU is trying pressure on Musk, it appears that Musk may have made inroads to Apple. Apple had previously threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store and launch an information war with Musk.

Musk had written about Apple’s threat, and they said that they had stopped using their advertising. Apple threatened Twitter with violence, but they seemed to be fine with TikTok. Apple also threatened to silence protesters in China, and this could have an impact on the CCP.

Musk stated that he would make his phone if necessary to keep Twitter from being shut down.

On Wednesday, Tim Cook invited Musk into Apple’s headquarters. Musk posted a view from the campus.

This seems to be a positive sign Musk might be able to fend off this threat.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. They don’t want Musk to move forward with his phone development. It would be sensible for Apple to back down and reach an agreement.