GOP Senator Drops Resolution to Block DHS Rule Change on Illegals Seeking Green Cards


The Biden Department of Homeland Security proposes significant changes to how illegal aliens are vetted in order to be granted green card. This would allow applicants who have been granted many benefits by the U.S. government to continue their journey towards citizenship. ”

Roger Marshall from Kansas is a Republican who recently introduced a resolution to prevent citizenship for illegal immigrants who rely on welfare benefits.

The Daily Caller was the first to obtain the resolution. The resolution focuses on a DHS rule which would lower the benefits available to immigrants and be used against them when they apply to permanent residency in America.

The Daily Caller continues reporting on the dramatic changes DHS intends to make:

In 2019, the Trump administration declared every immigrant who has received more than 12 months of public benefits in a period of 36 months as a “public expense”.

Trump’s administration increased the number of immigrant beneficiaries who could be disqualified from getting a green card by adding food stamps and housing vouchers to their list. DHS’s new rule says that cash benefits only and long-term care cannot lead to a finding that public charges have been made.

Sen. Marshall’s statement was also included in the report

Marshall stated the previous Administration had made clear to law-breakers they would not be supported by the American government. We need to return policies like the one described above if we want to end the invading force that has been threatening its southern border since President Biden took office.