Graham Tells Squad Members to ‘Shut the Hell Up’ Over Israel Comments


It’s my sincere hope that, for once, those who are so inclined will put aside their personal opinions about Sen. Lindsey Graham and focus instead on his criticism of Joe Biden and “The Squad”, the antisemitic members and their predictable despicable remarks regarding the Israeli-Hamas conflict now underway.

If not, then so be it.

Graham’s first attack on Iran came during a Fox News appearance on Monday:

You can only stop this war from escalating if you hold Iran accountable. How much more destruction and death can we take from the Iranian regime before we give up? I’m sure that this was planned by and funded by the Iranians.

He added, “Hamas are a bunch of animals that deserve to be treated as animals.”

Different reports have pointed to the Islamic regime of Iran, but also Vladimir Putin’s Russia as having aided and abetted Hamas during its surprise attack against Israel.

Next up, Graham blistered Biden, and Squad members of “siding with terrorists” in the aftermath of the worst attack on Israel in 50 years. “Shut the hell up!” Graham said, and then some.

Here are the anti-Semitic and Palestinian sympathizers’ comments, starting with AOC.

Omar, not to be outdone by his rivals, hurled predictable bile.

Cori Bush (D-Mo.) also chimed in, as well, as did Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.).

Graham included Biden in his attack”

Your appeasement of Iran policy is not working, Biden administration. Shut up, ‘The Squad’. You are emboldening your enemy. You are a disgrace to the United States Congress. You are siding with terrorists against a democracy named Israel. You’ve lost your perspective here. I’m sure most Democrats do not agree with the squad.

Graham slammed the ineptest and most woke President in U.S. History:

The world reacted too late [then]. I urge the world to condemn Iran and the Biden administration, to drape the White House with the Israeli flag tonight. You did it during Pride Month. I want the Israeli flag to be flown over the White House.

Biden is facing deserved criticism following the Hamas attacks. This includes the White House BBQ held on the day of the attack and his recent release to Iran of $6 billion. Meanwhile, Team Biden continues their insane nuclear talks in Tehran with the mad mullahs.


The latest Hamas attack on Israel was not shocking. However, the scale and intensity of this attack, which included allegedly cold-blooded killing, torture, and rape were beyond comprehension for decent and moral people.

Golda Meir was Israel’s fourth Prime Minister and she said it well:

It is impossible to negotiate with someone who wants to kill you.

The entire Democrat Party declined to comment.

The complete Fox News segment featuring Graham is available below: