American Death Toll in Israel Rises to 14


Hamas’ attack on Israel has ushered in a new chapter of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Over 1,000 people have already died in the attack. President Joe Biden stated on Tuesday that there were now 14 American casualties, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Biden admitted during a press briefing on Tuesday that there were more Americans killed in the fighting than was previously believed.

Joe Biden, the president, announced on Tuesday that 14 Americans had been killed during the fighting in Israel. He also confirmed that more Americans were being held by Hamas terrorists.

Biden stated, “We know now that American citizens are being held by Hamas.” “I have directed my team that they share intelligence with Israeli counterparts and send additional experts across the United States Government to advise and consult them on hostage recovery efforts.” “As president, the safety of Americans held hostage in other countries is my highest priority.”

Biden made remarks at the White House on Monday night, which was illuminated in blue and white as a sign of support for Israel following a surprise air-sea-land incursion by Hamas over the weekend.

Israel has declared war on Gaza and launched retaliatory strikes in response. Both sides are losing more and more people.

Jake Sullivan, White House National security adviser, addressed the issue of Americans being taken hostage during a press briefing.

Jake Sullivan, White House national security advisor, repeated the number of Israeli civilians killed at the White House daily briefing. However, ABC News did not confirm this total. Sullivan stated that the administration does not know the exact number but 20 or more Americans are “missing.”

“We don’t know their condition and we can’t confirm a specific number of American Citizens,” Sullivan said.

We will continue to work on this issue, hour by hour. “We will confirm the exact number of Americans being held hostage, and will provide that information to you as soon as possible,” Sullivan said.

There are no concrete details about a possible rescue effort for Americans living in Israel. However, there are hints that plans are in the works. John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, confirmed that the White House will be working to free American hostages. He noted that the administration takes the safety and security overseas of Americans “very, very seriously.”

Some people have suggested that Biden’s administration should deploy special forces teams and FBI hostage rescue teams to free American hostages from Hamas’s hands.

Our special forces have teams that can rescue hostages. Former national security advisor Robert O’Brien stated on Fox that they needed to be sent immediately to Israel in order to prepare for the rescue of these American citizens. “We should also have an FBI hostage rescue team deployed to Israel.”

The latest developments show how the crisis has worsened in the time since the first attack on Saturday. Hamas has not only caused Israelis and Americans to lose their lives but also Palestinian civilians caught in the crossfire of Israel’s retaliation.

It is unclear when the current war will end. It is clear that there will be many more victims before the war is over.