Greta Thunberg Takes a Stand: Joins Massive Anti-Israel Protest at Eurovision Song Contest


Eden Golan performed her song “Hurricane” in front of 9,000 people in the second semi-final of that evening. The votes of the viewers helped her to secure a place in the final.

Sky News reported the Stop Israel protesters were carrying green, white, and a black Palestinian flag as they crowded Stortorget Square in Malmo near the town hall from the 16th century. The protesters then marched to a rally in a nearby city park.

According to the police, between 10,000 and 12,000 people took part. Greta Thunberg, a 21-year-old woman draped in Keffiyehs symbolizing her solidarity with Palestine, was also among the crowd.

In the demonstrations, smoke canisters in Palestinian colors were released and chants like “free Palestine” were heard. ”

The march took place at the same time as Israel’s 20-year-old entrant Eden Golan participated in the final dress rehearsal for the second Eurovision Semi-Finals in the Malmo Arena.

Protests against Israel, and Eden Golan in particular, were ultimately a waste.

Golan performed “Hurricane”, the song she chose for her second semi-final in front of Malmo Arena‚Äôs 9,000 fans on Thursday. The votes of the audience helped her to secure a place in the final.

Israel is now one of the 26 countries competing in Saturday’s Eurovision contest. The Eurovision contest is expected to be watched by millions of fans around the world.

“Well, I… I’m overwhelmed with emotions,” Golan, 20 said, “It is an honor to perform on stage and show off our voice, representing us proudly. And to make it to finals, that’s crazy,”

Online betting websites have listed Golan as one of the favorites for the event that is taking place in the birthplace of ABBA.

Since 1973, Israel has won Eurovision on four occasions.