Serial Perjurer Michael Cohen Takes Stand Against Trump in NYC Trial


Michael Cohen was brought in by the prosecutors in the bookkeeping case of Donald Trump to create a dramatic atmosphere in court. Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer and convicted perjurer who talks trash in court, was brought in to help the prosecution put together its legal theory. The theory was that Trump World conspired to steal the 2016 elections by preventing negative news stories from reaching the media to influence the vote in his favor.

As I have explained in my previous articles, none of this is charged. Trump is accused of 34 times paying Cohen to suppress stories in order to steal an election and calling it legal fees. The prosecutors claim that these payments should have been considered campaign expenditures. This would have put Trump in serious legal trouble. Federal campaign officials and federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York said that Trump followed all rules and did not bring charges.

Trump kept his eyes shut for most of Cohen’s testimony. Cohen has been focusing on prosecutor Susan Hoffinger while he is testifying. According to courtroom reports he has not looked at Trump or the jury.

Stormy Daniels testified last week in great detail about a tryst Trump has always denied ever taking place. She tainted an already absurd trial with the malodorous stench of her gratuitous and irrelevant testimony.

Cohen is closer to felony charges for bookkeeping, but that’s because the “Get Trump’ attorneys have turned this into a felony, even though it’s a dumb case. While the other cases in federal court against Trump and Fani Wilis’s Fulton County (Ga.) are slowed down due to outrageous conduct on the part of the prosecutors, the lawyers who joined the Manhattan district attorney’s office to prosecute the case are going all out to get one guilty verdict for them before the election.

Cohen testified that he and David Pecker, the editor of the National Enquirer, worked together to eliminate anti-Trump articles about Stormy Daniels. Karen McDougal. And the doorman, who made up the story about Trump’s love child. Cohen was reimbursed by Trump for his work as a lawyer, and he received extra money from him to pay his taxes.

Eric Trump, Trump’s son, has spent most of the trial in the courtroom. On Monday, Sens. J.D. Vance (R – Ohio) and Tommy Tuberville – (R – Alabama). Last week, Senator Rick Scott (R. Fla.) attended the trial to criticize the case brought by the Democrat-connected prosecutors as well as the outrageous gag on the presumptive GOP candidate.

In court on Monday, prosecutors played an audio recording Cohen made secretly while talking to Trump in Trump’s office.

CNN has captured testimony surrounding an audio recording that he released in 2018 regarding his attempt to kill the Karen McDougal article at the National Enquirer.

“It was so I could show it to David Pecker and that way he would hear the conversation, that he would know that we’re going to be paid, Mr. Trump is going to be paying him back,” Cohen said.

Cohen stated, “I wanted him to be loyal to Mr. Trump.”

Cohen claimed he was holding his phone and pressing record on his conversation with Trump. He claims to have been on the other side of Trump’s office.

Cohen testified as well that he had discussed payments with Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg. Allen was the one who would be involved in any deal, he said. He continued, “Allen handled the finances that came in and went out.”

It is not illegal to try and kill a news story that you dislike. None of this is indeed illegal, but the prosecutors have one last chance to smear Trump in the run-up to the election.

Judge Juan Merchan allowed the prosecutors to link the 34 misdemeanors with an unspecified felon law. This would raise the charges to felonies. The prosecution claims that Michael Cohen’s 2017 lawyer fees helped Trump steal the election.

Cohen may be asked to explain to Trump’s attorneys why federal judges and members of Congress believe he is a serial perjurer when they have the chance to question him. He did confess in court to lying all the time on behalf of Trump.