Grown Man Shoots 12-Year-Old Detroit Girl for Her Shoes


Anthony Bradford, aged 19, approached a 12-year-old girl in Detroit’s eastside park around 10:20 p.m. on Tuesday. He demanded she gives up her shoes. He shot the girl after she told Bradford to pound the sand.

Bradford was charged with armed burglary, assault with the intent to kill, carrying a concealed firearm, resisting arrest, and obstruction.

The 12-year-old girl was injured in her right hip. She is now in stable condition. Her name has not been released.

His probable cause conference was set for August 30, and his preliminary exam is scheduled for Sept. 6. Police told reporters before Bradford was arrested that it was an “unfortunate circumstance” resulting from an argument.

The crime rate in Detroit is higher than that of 99.2% of cities in the United States.

A flat tire is “unfortunate” and it is inhumane to shoot a child just for his shoes. She isn’t the only one who has been shot in Detroit recently. Last month, a 12-year-old boy from Detroit was killed and shot on the west side. For this crime, a 13-year-old boy has been taken into custody.

Six children under 17 years of age were shot during the first seven weeks of 2022. The youngest was just two years old. An execution-style shot was taken of a five-year-old boy and his mother, as well as her boyfriend. In 2021, 67 children were killed. You can see how the left-leaning CBS affiliate blames the shootings for “unsecured guns”, which is an issue. However, there is no mention of the culture of violence that decimated Detroit and many other large blue cities in the nation.

Chicago CBS affiliate reported that a couple of Latinx Hispanics were dragged from their car, and then shot after the Puerto Rican Day parade. However, the reporter blurred the face of the shooter.

In 2014, Detroit’s police department was defunded. This was long before George Floyd and the city declared bankruptcy. Since then, crime has increased exponentially. The same year, James Craig, Detroit’s former police chief, advised Detroiters to purchase a gun.