Atlanta Police Sends SWAT Team to Catch a Vandal


Robert Sepulveda, Jr., a gay activist from Atlanta, created a movement to paint rainbow crosses in Atlanta.

The crosswalk has its own website, and the LGBTQ community in Atlanta treats the crosswalk as if it’s some sort of monument. Atlanta has the third-largest gay community among major U.S. cities, with Seattle having recently taken over the #2 spot. (Do better, Atlanta!)

This is not an LGBT issue. These are not crosswalks painted with paint. Crosswalks promote unity and awareness through public art. The website states, “We all know Atlanta is the heart and soul of the Deep South.” Religion is a key component of many family bonds.

Crosswalks in Atlanta are a symbol of faith. People react to slight alterations of the holy grail of leftist virtue signaling.

On August 17, a man painted a swastika on the rainbow crosswalk. It is serious. It’s serious when someone uses Nazi imagery to deface property.

Michael Smith, the Press Secretary, stated that “Atlanta Police immediately notified Mayor’s Office.” ATLDOT then sent a team out in the rain to remove any vandalism from our street. “We are thankful to ATLDOT’s men and women, and APD for removing hate from our streets in such an efficient and quick manner. ”

It is impossible to determine how many years potholes have been unrepaired in cities. Let’s not forget the rainbow crosswalk. We’ve had quite a bit of rain in Georgia this year.

Atlanta Police Department dispatched its LGBTQ liaison unit (no joke; it actually exists) for an investigation.

Similar symbols were also painted on the Atlanta Federal Reserve Building by the suspect, but who cares? Rainbow Crosswalk, you hate crimes!

APD had identified the culprit for the crosswalks’ destruction by Friday. Jonah Sampson, an African-American male (30 years old), was the suspect.

APD arrived at Sampson’s apartment with the LGBT Liaison Unit. After a five-hour standoff, the SWAT team was called in. Police took the man into custody.

Atlanta has been plagued with the crime for many years. The APD sent SWAT teams to pursue a man who spray-painted a symbol on an LGBT shrine.

This illustrates the priorities of law enforcement in a city such as Atlanta.