Hamas Releases New Ad, Just in Time for the Holidays


Our friendly neighborhood terror group has released a new propaganda video just in time for the holiday season. How heartwarming.

Hamas tells us in a minute-plus clip that it has some very powerful weapons and they are about to fire them.

Translation: “Watch…the Qassam Brigades have been deployed…Tel Aviv burns…and Jerusalem is liberated.”

The tweet was posted on “Alaqsa Voice”, which appears to be a Hamas radio station’s account in Gaza City.

Although I am not an expert on weapons, reliable sources tell me that the pods in the video don’t look anything like what Hamas has. Is this next-level badassery or just a bunch of nonsense? Pali-wood is at its best?

The dramatic tarp retracting and the reveal of the rockets is a nice touch.

It is important to not make light of rocket launches that are taking place. A new barrage of rockets was launched on Tel Aviv, central Israel, and the surrounding area Friday evening.

This slick production leaves one wondering how those little miracle workers managed to create such an impressive promotional campaign despite severe fuel, food, and power shortages.

They must learn a lot of interesting things in university.

Hamas’ charming spot is sure to warm your heart.