Al Gore Meltdown: “Social Media Algorithms Are Digital Equivalent of AR-15s”


Al Gore is a global warming alarmist and a man on a mission. He wants to ban social media algorithms.

It’s bizarre, especially because the left has been using algorithms for years to suppress or outright block conservative content. Mark Zuckerberg, are you reading this?

Gore was off his rocker when he spoke at the United Nations Climate Conference in Dubai.

If you have social media that is dominated by algorithms that pull people down these rabbit holes that are a bit like pitcher plants. These algorithms; are the digital equivalent of AR-15s, they ought to be banned!

This is an abuse of a public forum. You know what happens when you pull people down these rabbit holes? The echo chamber is located there.

Wait — what?

Ironically, it is in the echo chamber that the left thrives.

The Democrat Party is a big echo chamber. You will be ridiculed and destroyed if you claim to be a conservative Black person or conservative gay man and refuse to follow the liberal/progressive agenda.

Al Gore, a global elitist, who made $330 million preaching Climate Change to the extreme left, now wants to ban algorithms. The funniest thing I read today.

Gore hilariously warned fellow climate alarmists:

If you spend too much of your time in an echo chamber, then what is weaponized is not artificial intelligence but artificial insanity.

The former vice president, as the audience started to laugh, jumped in and said: “I am serious!” I’m serious!”

Gore, ignoring all the censorship attempts of Google, Facebook, and Twitter (pre-Musk), as well as other social media platforms with a leftist bent, used QAnon to illustrate the dangers lurking on social media.

QAnon’s version of artificial madness is the most well-known. These devices are enemies of democracy and self-government. Both democracy and capitalism need reforms.

Gore’s narrative would have been blown if he had listed several radical-left alternatives or worse.

Fox News “The Five’s” Judge Jeannine Pirro exposed Gore’s blatant hypocrisy.

Al Gore’s claim that social media algorithms were “digital AR-15s” is funny, since Conservatives have been silenced on the internet throughout the pandemic… @AlGore just in case you don’t know — AR-15s also fall under the second amendment. Genius.


Here’s an obvious question.

Did Al Gore know what he was saying? He was. Here’s the thing, though: The left has never given a damn about their blatant hypocrisy. It’s because “rules are for you but not me” is a fundamental part of the Democrat creed.

Al Gore, the jet-setting, climate-alarming, carbon-hating leftist, is a prime example.