Hamas Terror Cell Discovered Inside A School


IDF soldiers say they found a Hamas terror cell in a school.

Israel Defense Forces announced Friday that Israeli soldiers found a Hamas terrorist cell in a Gaza Strip school before eliminating it.

IDF: Hamas militants tried to lure IDF troops from a counterterrorism unit of the 74th Battalion in an ambush before a fierce firefight broke out.

IDF reported that soldiers found a hidden tunnel shaft in a classroom of the Shuja’iyya school located in Gaza City.

The IDF stated, “This is yet another example of Hamas’s cynical misuse of schools. They have turned places which should be safe havens for children into hiding spots for terrorists.”

Authorities said that a squad of the Lotar anti-terrorism unit operated in Gaza as part of the 188th Brigade for the first ever.

Soldiers in the squad are experts in demolition and breaching, as well as snipers. IDF video footage shows soldiers firing multiple shots at a wall from which it appears that returning gunfire is coming during close-quarters operations.

No injuries to Israeli soldiers have been reported.