Penn President Resigns in Disgrace: Magill Forced Out After Making Antisemitism Statements


Harvard University President Claudine Gay, University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill, and MIT President Sally Kornbluth made some astonishing statements when asked how they would handle calls for Jewish genocide on their campuses, and whether or not such statements would be against the code of conduct of their schools.

The presidents equivocated and hedged their answers, which made them all bad. Liz Magill stated that it depends on the context. This caused a great deal of outrage. Then, she released a video apologizing for her actions. It was too late, and it cost a lot of money. She might have known her days as President were numbered.

What may have ended her tenure as school president was the fact that donors pulled their money out of the university following her remarks. Donors who pull their money will take action if they do not dare to act in the best interest of the school.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees released a statement.

“I am writing to inform you that President Liz Magill resigned voluntarily as President of the University of Pennsylvania.” In a written statement, Board of Trustees Chair Scott L. Bok said that she will remain a tenured professor at Penn Carey Law. [….]

Magill resigned a few days after a major donor, Ross Stevens, rescinded his $100 million donation to the school as a protest against the college’s handling and leadership of antisemitism. The board of Penn Wharton’s business school asked Magill to step down as well. On Thursday, the board of trustees of the university held an emergency session after the school received backlash for her comments.

“Voluntary”, as in, there’s a door. See if you can locate it — of your own free will, of course.

Magill stated that she would remain on until a new replacement is selected. She will still be teaching there and this raised some eyebrows in social media. They don’t appear to be doing anything about it.

Others wondered if the same action would be taken by other presidents. The question is more complex because it may affect not only the three colleges but also many other schools. How could this be? Will this “resignation”, if it happens, make any difference to the dangerous atmosphere that is boiling on these campuses right now?

Bye, Felicia!