Here’s How We Know Hollywood Fears the Rise of Ron DeSantis


First, be aware that this isn’t exactly family friendly material. You wouldn’t expect a Hollywood story to be charming and wholesome, but the truth is they are displaying their perverse street cred in this story.

Ron DeSantis is their target.

A scene from Paramount Plus’ “The Good Fight”, a show about fictional DeSantis staffers, shows a man who claims he was sexually assaulted and abused by his boss. CPAC is the best place. CPAC is a place I have been many times. Let’s just say that it’s the perfect setting for the sexual encounter depicted here by the writers.

This is a scene from the show. It’s being included for information purposes.

Is it possible that such a sick mind could have written such a bizarre, and defamatory scene? This seems to be the standard in today’s entertainment industry where deviancy has become the norm and viewers have few options that are family-friendly. Hollywood is awash with perversion.

The world of politics has plenty of sexy material to spice up the show. It is not difficult to find stories of child sniffers and sexual encounters at the Oval Office. Or even sons of politicians engaging in debauchery.

Hollywood cannot target a God-fearing family member like Ron DeSantis, because he is all they fear. He defeated Disney and won. He is a participant in culture wars. He defends schoolchildren against the radical trans agenda, and their supporters in the education system. He is a proven winner. He’s the anti-Hollywood candidate and his style is popular with voters. Take a look at Tuesday’s results.

Hollywood is under threat from Ron DeSantis’ blessedly conservative agenda. His star has just started to rise. The ridiculous scene in the above video is clearly intended as a payback for his success. He’s a fighter with a winning track. They fear him. Americans love a winner.

Unfortunately, Ron DeSantis won’t be moving to Hollywood.