Herschel Walker Dings Raphael Warnock Where It Hurts in Closing Days of Campaign


The 2022 Senate race between Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock and His GOP opponent Herschel Walk is still to be decided. Both candidates did not reach 50 percent on Election Day. Warnock received 49.44 percent and Walker, 48.49 percent. The race will now head to a runoff on Saturday, December 6th.

Although control of the Senate is not in play (Democrats will once again control it with at minimum 50 seats plus VP Kamala’s votes), Republicans are determined to deny Joe Biden an easier path towards legislative victory in Senate. They have gone all out in the final days to ensure that Georgian voters understand Raphael Warnock beyond his “Reverend” veneer.

Walker was the victim of a Warnock ad, which ran a week earlier on Walker’s “character” – implicitly discrediting Walker’s. Walker responded by running his own campaign using Warnock’s words against Walker.

“Character” is what you do when no one’s looking,” Warnock says in the Walker ad. The ad then pivots to the personal issues Warnock faces via bitter child custody battles and Ouleye Ndoye’s ongoing rent/eviction scandal that involves low-income tenants of properties Warnock’s church has:

Walker and his campaign also reacted to a Warnock surrogate making claims about Walker. Curtis Dixon, former assistant coach at Johnson County High School football team, was not being truthful about Walker’s relationship back then. Dixon also has character issues.

Only a few more days are left before Georgia voters decide. However, with the race so close, Warnock is determined to win an advantage. This is evident from reports that Warnock’s campaign has been calling people from other states to plead for their support.

As I mentioned in this article, Democrats need to be concerned about trying to pull Walker’s skeletons out. Warnock also has a fair number of these, some of which are ongoing, as noted above. The main issue in this race, according to me, will be whether Georgians are willing to make Joe Biden’s life easier on the Senate side.