Thug Who Allegedly Used Crutch to Beat 12-Year-Old Boy on Brooklyn Street has 23 Prior Arrests on His Record


Sources told the New York Daily News that a man caught using a crutch on the video to beat a Brooklyn 12-year-old boy earlier this month had 23 previous arrests, including one for attempted murder.

WPIX-TV reports that the boy was heading to Caton Avenue school at 7:40 am Nov. 17, when a man approached him from behind and hit him with the crutch several times. The boy was crossing the street.

According to police, the victim had taken a crutch out of a trash can before the attack.

Jamal McIlwain (28), was taken into custody Wednesday following a 911 call regarding an act of erraticism outside of an unspecified high school, according to the Daily News.

The man spat on an officer when police arrived at the scene. Police added more paper to identify him as the suspect in the crutch attack.

WPIX reported that McIlwain was arrested on two counts of assault, menacing, and acting in a way injurious to a minor child.

According to The Daily News, McIlwain was arrested 23 times before, including for attempted murder and firing a gun at someone.

McIlwain was sentenced to almost two years in Sing Sing Correctional Facility, Westchester County, for attempted assault. The paper cited Department of Correction records and said that McIlwain was released in November 2018.

McIlwain behaved strangely in court on Friday. He noted that he works at “NCIS” (presumably the TV drama) and was given a warning by the judge.

Jonathan Fink, the defense lawyer stated, “McIlwain’s behavior in court was clearly inappropriate.” He also requested that McIlwain be evaluated for psychiatric issues.

Christian Calderon, Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney, requested McIlwain’s bail to be set at $75,000 cash. The Daily News reported that McIlwain was also ordered held without bail by the judge and asked for a psychiatric evaluation.

WPIX interviewed the victim, a 12-year-old boy who was the victim of the attack. However, the boy’s face was not shown in the interview.

He said to the station, “It’s strange how he ran across the street just to hit me,”

He stated, “It took him a few seconds for me to understand what was happening when the man hit me.” “I tried to block it using my arm, and ran.”

According to the station, the boy received a deep cut at an urgent care center.

He told WPIX that he feels better now than a few days back when I was hit. His eye used to be very swollen. “I didn’t do anything to him so how can he have a grudge against me?”

Watch the video here.