High School’s Bold Move: Tampon Dispenser Installed in Boys’ Bathroom Faces Swift Destruction Within 20 Minutes


In less than 20 minutes, a tampon dispenser was ripped off the wall in the boy’s bathroom of a Connecticut high school. Was it an act of defiance or a silly prank, you ask? Is it hard to tell, but let’s see if we can figure it out.

According to CT Insider, the tampon dispenser, which was installed in response to a new state law that was to be implemented, was installed on January 24th. The principal of the school, who described it as an “egregious act of vandalism” and “destroying property”, disciplined a student (or students).

Maybe the perpetrators thought that installing a menstrual product dispenser in a boy’s bathroom was an outrageous example of woke insanity. This is just a little thing.

Here’s a part of the email that was sent to staff and students at the school the same day. Try to figure out who this guy is.

Brookfield High Principal Marc Balanda sent an email on the same day to the school’s staff and students titled, “I am feeling ‘dis-’ right now,” and saying that he’s “disgusted” and “dismayed” by the behavior.

The distribution box and masonry anchors that were installed on the wall, along with the newly installed dispenser, were ripped from the wall by 9:52 a.m., and the box itself was destroyed.

Oh, the humanity!

Balanda told students that they shouldn’t use vandalism if they “don’t get something”.

If you want to know more, ask for it. Don’t destroy anything with your hands. Please let me know if you still have any questions.

What do you want to know? I’m talking about the biological logic.

It states:

After September 1, 2024, each local and regional school board shall provide free menstrual products, as defined by section 18-69e in women’s bathrooms, all-gender bathrooms, and at least 1 men’s bathroom, accessible to students from grades 3 to 12, inclusive, within each school that is under their jurisdiction. This must be done in a way that does not stigmatize a student who seeks such products.

Raise Your Hand if You Know of A Third-Grade Boy In Need Of Menstrual Products — Or Any Boy or Man.

Balanda said in the email that the vandalism, destruction, and theft of property were the “work of immature children, not men”.

Um, Principal Balanda? Men don’t menstruate.

John Barile, the Brookfield Schools superintendent, was equally delusional. In part:

Brookfield High School approaches this matter with a restorative approach, in that it provides both education and works to remedy this issue.

What is a “restorative perspective”? To whom? Mr. Superintendent, please explain how education could remediate this issue.

The Brookfield Board of Education chair Wendy Youngblood responded in a classic woke way, saying, “If someone wants to make a statement about something at school this isn’t an effective method.”

One. More. Time. Boys do not need tampons.

Youngblood suggested that if the presence of menstrual products within a boy’s bathroom “confuses or disturbs some members of the school community”, a civil, open, and constructive discussion should take place.