Hochul Targets Toy Guns in Bid to Reduce New York Crime


New York Democratic Governor. Kathy Hochul has signed legislation to ban toy guns from appearing real in New York.

Hochul signed Tuesday’s bill. It stated that “restricting such realistic looking devices will ensure that misleading, potentially hazardous devices are off our streets keeping children safe, police enforcement and all New Yorkers safely. ”

Toy guns should be painted in bright colors like red, orange, yellow, and green. Toy guns made from silver, aluminum, or black are prohibited.

According to the governor’s office data, there were 63 shootings in 1994, when an imitation gun was misunderstood as a real firearm. Eight of these shootings were considered fatal.

“Improperly manufactured imitation guns pose an unjustifiable risk to our children’s lives.” Since 1994, at least 63 shootings took place in New York State. This was due to imitation guns being mistakenly thought to be real guns. 8 of these shootings were fatal.

Similar laws in New York City are in effect. Toy guns used in theatre performances will not be affected by the law.

The law will take effect on Tuesday after the governor has signed it.

This law was a result of a 2015 settlement between Eric Schneiderman’s office, then AttorneyGeneral Eric Schneiderman, and 30 retailers who sold imitation guns to New Yorkers.