Liz Cheney Was Not the Only One Defeated Yesterday


Wyoming’s people have spoken and Rep. Liz Cheney (R) will soon be ex-Rep. Liz Cheney. Harriet Hageman was Cheney’s challenger and she defeated her by 35 points.

Cheney, who appeared to anticipate her defeat, gave a concession speech where she compared herself with Abraham Lincoln and further explained why she lost. The anti-Trumpers and Democrats had their predictable meltdown on social networks, lamenting that their favorite soldier had fallen.

While it may be tempting to only focus on Cheney’s departure, it is important to consider the impact of the events over the past two years. This primary season is indicative of the transformation of the Republican Party, and the conservative movement. They have been involved in a civil war for six years.

The 2016 election saw former President Donald Trump become the Republican establishment’s nominee. This sparked bitter rivalries between the old guard of the Republican party and the “America First” movement that sought to reform the party. At this point, people realized that the Bush/Cheney/Romney era was over.

We are now witnessing another important step towards the conclusion of this conflict. All indications indicate that the new breed is quickly gaining prominence, while the old guard is receding worse than former Vice President Dick Cheney. Another repudiation of the neocon elite is Liz Cheney’s ouster. As Scott Presler, a Republican activist, pointed out, those who voted to impeach Trump’s America First agenda are now reaping the rewards.

According to activists, the movement looks forward to purging more establishment members in the future.

Despite all the whining from the progressive chattering classes, this transformation was long overdue. The Republican Party needs an enema. This is what I am fondly fond of saying. The ineffective, squishy, and feckless GOP establishment is in power far too long, with little to show for its efforts.

It is important to warn that conservatives must be cautious about who they vote for in local, state, and federal elections. It is showing the establishment the door but it must also ensure that they are replacing the old guard with people who will make a difference. Candidates who are only social media-savvy than those who came before us must be rejected.

The Democratic Party is shifting to the left rapidly – it’s impossible to keep Republicans in office willing to compromise with them. We need people who are willing to work for conservative policies more than political theatre. We will see a repeat of the events that occurred when the GOP controlled both the White House and both chambers of Congress a few years back.

Overall, this shift has been positive. The right will likely have more people who are willing and able to stand up for their constituents. There are people in the GOP that don’t want to endure the deceitful and hyperbolic attacks from the Democrats and their comrades in the activist media. While there are many people who still need to be fired, it seems that we are making progress.