House Republicans Need to Continue Spirited Hot Mess Approach


In last week’s article, I unceremoniously called the Republican majority in Congress a “driverless clown car.” For those who have worked with the Republican party over many years, this description is almost universal.

Kevin McCarthy’s preparations for his speaker fight were what I meant. It almost seemed like he was taken by surprise when it began.

I began to enjoy watching the voting continue and the so-called rebels refused to yield. There is a lot of screeching and shouting from the Dems, particularly America’s Dumbest bartender with her Harridan “Squad.” However, it doesn’t always lead to concrete results

The fight for the giving seems to have produced some results that may be of interest to conservatives in America. It’s the “the opponent of your enemy” kinda thing.

Washington legislators often have a “go along and get along” mentality. Senators don’t have to touch constituents more often than six years unless they wish to.

Members of the House need to continue to have fun at home if they wish to keep their jobs. To be more responsive as legislators, they must prioritize the votes they represent.

Do you remember feeling represented well by someone, even if they voted for your name?

Last week, it felt like some people were finally “getting it”. Although it seemed only the holdouts were experiencing this, McCarthy supporters began to feel a lot more lightbulbs by Friday night. They knew that they needed to get out of the Beltway bubble.

It was Friday night, and this was when things heated up. It was necessary.

While I don’t anticipate any significant changes in the behavior of our Republican representatives, I will say that I am pleased with the results of the intraparty tussling. McCarthy fulfilled the threat to remove subversive members Eric Swalwell from his influential committee assignments.

A good start to the week under the new majority.

Now we are seeing that the hot mess method can work in a room that was made to allow for chaos.

As teenagers, my friends and I lost patience with each other. Our friendship was restored after we stopped getting on each other’s nerves.

The House GOP majority must verbally punch one another in order to move things along.

Freedom-loving Americans need to know that there are people on Capitol Hill that will fight for them, even if it means losing.

Keep it simple Republican congresscritters. It’s not the time for a Kumbaya moment.