House Republicans Want to Know if Allegations Over Collusion WIth Russia Are True


Members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans asked some environmental groups to disclose their connections to a nongovernmental organization that Russian President Vladimir Putin is using to influence American energy production.

According to the Republicans on the committee three environmental groups – The League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the Sierra Club – are allegedly linked to the San Francisco-based NGO Sea Change Foundation.

The three groups were asked by Republicans to provide information about funding for Sea Change since 2006. The Republicans also asked for information about Sea Change funding since 2006.

They claimed that they had been informed of the public report about Putin’s dark money influence on Europe and expressed concern over similar efforts in the United States. They also requested information about their connections to Sea Change. ”

The Republicans asked the groups if they had received money from the Russian government, or any other person associated with the Russian government.

According to the Republicans on the committee, all three groups were named the top recipients for Sea Change grants between 2006 and 2006. More than 20 Congressional Republicans signed this letter, including Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), and Rep. Fred Upton.

Bob Deans, NRDC director of strategic engagement shared his response to Fox News. He said that the “allegations”, which he called false, were rooted in a smear campaign. ”

Deans claimed that they don’t receive funding from China and Russia. This accusation is the result of a smear campaign by fossil fuel companies, a thinktank, and now

LCV stated, in a statement, that the story was “completely false” and had been “set apart for many years.” ”

The group claimed they had no links to Russia and China and that they were an effective advocate for environmental protection for over 50 years.

Melinda Pierce, the Sierra Club’s legislative director, stated that collusion allegations were a “false conspiracy theory.” ”

Pierce stated that this false conspiracy theory was created by the same Front groups who paid polluters and big tobacco’s dirty work. It has been repeatedly disproved over its nearly 10-year history. The Sierra Club has no connections to Russia or China. It fights for clean energy and climate action because it is what our planet requires, what our families deserve, and what the vast majority of Americans in the United States want.


The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the US’s announcement that it would stop buying Russian oil from Russia caused gasoline prices to soar. Prices surpassed $4 for the first time in 14 years on Sunday.

Republican members requested they be answered no later than March 25, 2005.