Twitch Changed Misinformation Policy Protecting Leftist


Twitch has published its new misinformation guidelines.

The updated guidelines contain a section called “harmful misinformation actors”. It clarifies that it is illegal to question COVID-19 vaccines or any conclusions made by the World Health Organization.

Misinformation that targets protected groups is already forbidden by our Hateful Conduct Policy

Misinformation about dangerous treatments is widespread and includes harmful health misinformation, conspiracy theories, COVID-19 information, and COVID-19 vaccine information.

There are many discussions about harmful treatments without mentioning the dangers.

For COVID-19–and any other WHO-declared Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)–misinformation that causes imminent physical harm or is part of a broad conspiracy

Conspiration networks that promote violence, misinformation, and conspiracy are actively promoting it

Information on civics compromises the integrity of a political procedure. False claims about the outcome of a carefully vetted political process, such as election fraud and ballot tampering, are promoted.

In cases of public emergency, misinformation may be addressed (e.g. Wildfires, earthquakes, or shootings

Users need to be aware of the fact that Twitch said before the list was published that “misinformation evolves rapidly” and that guidelines would be updated when new behaviors or trends emerge.

These topics are being called “misinformation hotbeds”. Although you don’t have to be a genius to understand why these topics are becoming so popular, It’s possible that a Republican could win the 2024 election.

My guess?

The COVID-19 data is undisputed. It has been wildly inaccurate and sometimes politically influenced. The CDC then changed the rules about who is considered fully vaccinated. Finally, boosters were made available. However, many people rejected them and it became clear that the Omnicron virus which was supposed to cause death in all of us did not cause significant harm. It was much more difficult to force vaccines onto the population.

Also, we were repeatedly told that masks were necessary to stop COVID-19 from spreading. This despite the fact they were clearly not working. After it became a political liability, many blue-state leaders began to abandon mask requirements.

Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis hosted an open discussion in which medical experts discussed the fact that many solutions offered by medical bureaucrats were more harmful than beneficial.

These medical experts and the conclusions and opinions that they reached based on data should be disqualified. But, it is permissible for political organizations to release clearly flawed information.

Twitch finds this kind of conversation unwelcome and unacceptable. It’s because the platform’s leftist owners declared it so. They want to silence all discussion in order to create a narrative.

If you want to keep your secret, it might be difficult to have a conversation.

Misinformation could also be rapidly changing. People may believe it to be false if they are called “misinformation”.