How Do the Lefts Foster Hate Crimes and Claim to be Victims?


This is something I’ve never heard anyone else mention, but Frank James, a subway shooter, likely made the decision to attack a train in Sunset Park. You can see the racial history of the neighborhood.

Hispanics: 35.6%

34.8% – Asian

White: 23.7%

3.9% – Black

You could previously see Frank James spewing hate and black supremacy on YouTube, but he has since been removed. The videos were filled with hatred for Asians, Hispanics, and white people, even though they weren’t visible to the public.

Here you can see that Frank James has many Asian victims. He seems to have been a very intelligent man for being a “crazy” man.

Frank James, in one of his videos, actually sobs when he hears that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has been married to a white woman.

Frank James, and all black people, see themselves as victims. James, in one of his deleted videos, tells black people that white people hate them and that black people will be exterminated just like the Jews were in Europe. This is despite America’s efforts to keep black Americans out of prison. Shoplifting is now legal. Certain driving laws that are more common for blacks to break have been decriminalized in Lefty cities. We can’t even talk about the rise in Soros-funded DAs that refuse to send black criminals to jail, even violent miscreants. Alvin Braggs is the new New York commie District Attorney. He allows people to have their convictions “reviewed.”

According to The New York Post, James sympathizes and shoots Lashawn McNeil in one of his bizarre videos. McNeil claimed that McNeil was forced to kill the cops because of racism.

James rants, “What can we expect?” Last month James lamented stereotypes about black men that “white motherf-kers”. The cop killer is, in other words.

He continued, “Nothing is more encouraged than violence.” James said, “I’m expected to be violent, I am expected to become a criminal, but when I’m not, there’s something wrong.”

James views himself as a victim in a country where BLM allowed them to set fire to our largest cities almost with impunity. Lefties are unable to resist the call for “restorative justice”, which is the idea that black criminals should not go to prison.

New York City gay man was attacked and beaten so severely that he ended up in the traumatic brain injury unit at a hospital. His friends organized a protest against the homophobic attack. Bob Lederer, the man, said that he did not want to send his black teen attackers to prison, but instead for “restorative justice.”

A gay man was brain-stomped by black teens. He doesn’t want the punishment for their skin color. What message is being sent? Its gay dudes are welcome. They are asking for it. It’s almost like a woman allowing a rapist to walk due to his skin color. This allows him to rape other females. Lederer now has the responsibility for the next attack against a gay man.

Although it’s a disease, it can be useful for the left. They need to be victims. How can you maintain victim status better than allowing your attackers to continue attacking? Leftists value the status of the delicious victim — and redirect blame to innocent parties.

The Circle of Hate: Gay man is stomped, the left shouts “homophobia!”; the gay man asks for leniency from the black children who attacked him; skaters continue to attack; anti-gay violence continues…

Bonus points for blaming white supremacy!

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir also released a song that was awash with victimhood, about how they intend to convert your children to be “allies of you yet.”

Although I may be a crazy doodle, I believe a gay man in San Francisco can safely walk the streets than a straight white man wearing a MAGA hat. A bad strategy is to threaten children with conversion if the gay crew wants “allies”.

This is how it should look. You can stop anti-gay abuses by punishing the guilty with kicks to your head. Do not go after the children of conservatives.

Darryl Brooks, a black supremacist who views black people as victims and racism, was the man who ran over 62 white Waukesha residents. Noah Green was the Capitol cop who was killed. What do Brooks and Green share in common? They believe whitey is out for them. Did they hear that from where?

This December 14, 2016 image shows a portion of the Twitter account of Minister Louis Farrakhan (head of the Nation of Islam). After a presidential campaign that encouraged white identity politics

Humbly, I suggest the theory that Louis Farrakhan and Joy Reid might have played some role in the radicalization of angry, black men.

Jussie Smollett is gay and black and had a successful career, but lost it because he wanted to be a victim of racism and homophobia. Although he was found guilty of a hate crime hoax, he continues to be the victim.

The left sees victimhood as a business. Business isn’t always good. Fake hate when the demand exceeds the supply. Bogus hate crimes explode.

Victimhood is a deep part of the black and gay communities. Both are willingly subservient to the Democrat party.

Most white conservatives aren’t content to sit around and hate black or gay people. They are treated the same way as other white people. This “hatred” is manufactured and, frankly, narcissistic. What amount of ego must someone have to believe that “The entire race hates me”

The myth of white conservative hatred will not disappear. Democrats don’t want their favorite victim groups to wake up and realize that most people aren’t out for them. Once they realize that, they will stop voting “donkey” and walk away. To prevent that from happening, the left will continue to perpetuate the victim narrative. They will allow gay teens to beat up gay men in comas and use that beating to prove homophobia. It’s all part of the lucrative business of victimhood.