How is Lia Thomas Competing in Men and Women’s Sports?


The Left wants everyone to pretend that Lia Thomas won the NCAA Women’s 500 Freestyle despite her hulking shoulders, obvious physical advantages, and slender frame. He might also be the only NCAA swimmer to get coverage on Today.

Thomas’s story, as everyone knows, is unique because Will used to be his name. The corporate media wants to convince you that he is fine breaking women’s records or winning women’s races. Swimming is usually only covered during the Olympics, and only when there is a dominant gold-medal winner. It is even worse than NBC has manipulated a photo from the finish to soften Thomas’s jawline.

The fawning coverage of young women who were unable to compete or win first place due to Thomas’s wide shoulders is as insulting as it is for them. But there is more. According to the University of Pennsylvania Athletic Department, Thomas broke the women’s record this year. However, Lia is the school’s second-fastest male 500 freestyle event.

The Left says that Lia was not born in the right body. He is now living in his true self and stealing easy wins at elite college swimming. He has shoulder-length hair and some make-up. Poison’s members had better hair and more make-up, but I digress.

Thomas’s allies claim that Thomas should be swimming with women. The men’s record that he has on Penn’s site is almost 15 seconds faster than the program record that he set for Lia at the NCAA finals on March 17. That is fine if that is your position. It also means that the record time must be attributed to William Thomas, his given name.

Twitter tells us the word is “deadnaming” but when it comes to records that don’t apply. However, this concept doesn’t apply to records. Records can be held by dead people, as they have done historically. The record-holder is no longer Lia Thomas if the Lia Thomas person does not have the physical ability to do so. William is.

Thomas was already accused by his teammates of deliberately losing to a trans-man swimmer who was still competing as a female. Caitlyn Jenner may not have much knowledge about the athletic abilities of trans women, but she jumped on the hoofing it bandwagon to help Thomas finish fifth in the 200 Freestyle. Thomas set records in this event earlier in the season. Jenner claimed that Thomas was not trying to break the record set by Katie Ledecky in swimming, but Jenner said that Thomas was doing so because she wanted to keep it simple.

Jenner admitted that Thomas was “playing within the rules.” But she said to Fox News, ‘What’s my first statement? The rules aren’t hard enough.

“Just being on testosterone depressants a year or so, regardless of the rules, is not enough.

Thomas is not losing as much ground as the times for his races suggest. At least one study backs this up. Researchers measured grip strength, lean muscle mass, and grip strength in trans men and women who received hormone therapy. The strength and lean muscle mass of trans men who took testosterone medication had a lower rate than those of women taking testosterone. After a year-long study, the researchers found:

It may take muscles longer to lose testosterone than to gain testosterone. More research is needed to understand the differences. The median grip strength for transwomen after 12 months still falls in the 95th percentile of age-matched females. After 12 months, the median grip strength for transmen falls to the 25th percentile for age-matched males. Transwomen are stronger than average females, and transmen are weaker than average men.

Transwomen are stronger than average women, but the subjects weren’t elite athletes. Despite suppressing testosterone, men still scored in the 95% percentile of grip strength among women. All the men in the study were in the tail end of a normal distribution. Imagine what an elite male athlete could have as a result. Penn should not credit Lia Thomas for the women’s swimming record.

He holds the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming record in 100 Freestyle and 200 Freestyle. Lia cannot have it both ways. His name must be removed from the women’s or men’s records. It is clearer that he was unfairly favored in the women’s competition regardless of NCAA rules. A picture is worth 1,000 words:

Thomas must decide whether speed or rank is more important. Every true competitive swimmer knows that it is time that matters. Because it is an individual sport and you are the primary competitor, they only care about hitting the wall. William is the only one Lia can or will not compete with.