Global Chip Supply Chain is Completely Broken, Just Like DC’s Solution


If you didn’t notice, the Joe Biden Era has destroyed a lot of very successful, recent, and very good things. We warned you that this would happen before the Biden Era began. Biden’s “Build Back Never”: His endless government assaults will make it impossible to build America

Biden’s deconstruction of America has impacted almost every aspect of human life. The US supply chain is one of the most devastating Biden deconstructions. The once seamless, omnidirectional, global supply chain for everything we buy everywhere has been halted.

The supply chain’s dark cloud does have a silver lining. The Slumbering may finally have realized that DC has been selling the US to the rest of the world for the past several decades.

We don’t produce anything anymore. DC has been making crony deals to Big Business in order to export as much domestic product as possible. This has brought with it tens and millions of jobs, tens of trillions in wealth, and a lot of national security.

The Biden Era has seen us spend a large portion of our time being insecure in the country, in part due to the inability to get the products that we need. This wouldn’t be an issue if most of our products were made in the United States.

We could do it. We did, for many decades, even before the DC Sell-Out.

Our national geography and topography are extremely fortunate. Two large oceans act as buffers against most of the world’s iniquity. We have unlimited supplies of petroleum and fertile land. This allows us to provide almost everything we need for our survival.

It is the absolute necessities that should be prioritized in our urgent evolution away from globalism.

It is obvious that we must eat before we can do anything else.

National security is therefore imperative to ensure a strong and growing domestic food production sector.

We’re also all connected to our phones while we eat. Tablets. Computers. This is the Information Age, which is also known as the Digital Age. These devices are the backbone of trillions of dollars worth of economic activity each year. It is therefore vital for national security that the domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing industry is strong.


Only 12% of the world’s computer chip supply is produced in the USA. Here are the reasons it is trailing China

This makes the US more vulnerable to such attacks. The Global Chip Shortage will continue into 2022

Talking of Communist China …:

“Asia has the world’s chips. The U.S. Wants Them:

“The region is responsible for a staggering 80% of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing outsourced. TSMC in Taiwan produces half of the world’s semiconductors. Every electronic device that you can imagine uses is made by it.

Did someone mention China and Taiwan?

“If Taiwan was involved in a prolonged military engagement with China it would cause global supply-chain chaos.” “You are referring to EVEN MORE ‘global Supply-chain Turbulence would occur. “At that point, we’ll be WAY behind Communist China.”

Speaking of Asia, we have another chip manufacturing warp within the global supply chain continuum. After the earthquake in Japan, Toyota and Semiconductor Suppliers suspend operations

The fact that the US makes only 12 percent of the world’s semiconductor chips further illustrates the absurdity of America’s intelligence.

DC took steps to rectify this…

Bipartisan Bill to Strengthen American Semiconductor Production and Supply Chains. Except DC is doing the same thing as DC — polluting a simple bill with many incoherent and very bad ideas…

Republicans have criticized the bill for being too weak against China and having too many unnecessary provisions aimed at conservation or clean energy incentives…

Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, a Republican, and the minor leader, decried the bill in no uncertain terms… “It is a waste of billions of dollars on unrelated issues and does not include any measures to make China pay for the chaos that they created …”

The House bill has been discarded. The Senate bill has not. However, it is light years away from the House bill. This bill, however, has mostly kept to the purpose of the bill: bolstering domestic chip manufacturing and dealing with at least some Communist China.

“The U.S. Senate counterpart to the bill, the Innovation, and Competition Act of 2021, has already secured enough votes to pass. With the support of 19 Republican Senators, the Innovation and Competition Act of 2020 has already received the votes necessary to pass. Now Congress will work to reach a compromise bill that can be presented to Biden. But, deep ideological differences within the two chambers could tie up negotiations ….”

The Senate’s bipartisan bill must be the bill of Congress. Because it (mostly) addresses the real problems: The lack of domestic chip manufacturing and Communist China. It is also (mostly), free from the extraneous nonsense which poisons the House bill.

Shocker! The Democrats’ insane ideological Leftism continues to murder what was once a good idea…and could have made for a useful piece of legislation.

Our nation continues to starve and hollow out, and bleed to Communist China.