Hungarian PM Viktor Orban States During Tucker Carlson Interview ‘Call Back Trump’ to Avoid WWIII


I previously covered that Tucker Carlson would interview Balazs Orban. He is the political director of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The interview with Viktor Orban is now out, and it’s quite interesting.

First, Orban said he thought it was a wrong take to think Ukraine was winning because Russia had more numbers. He also said the Russians weren’t going to get sick of Vladimir Putin and throw him out. Then, he explained that if any Western country would send boots on the ground, then we would be in a “Third World War.”

He said, “It is a very dangerous time right now.” “The Third World War may be at our doorstep, so we must be extremely careful.”

Tucker asked what should NATO, what should Joe Biden’s next move be regarding Ukraine. Orban said, “Peace.” Then he followed up with, “Call back Trump. That’s the only way out.”

Orban continued to express his opinion about the former President.

You can criticize him in many ways. I can understand the debate. He was the one who had the best foreign policies in the last few decades. He didn’t start a new war. He was very nice to the North Koreans, the Russians, and even the Chinese. He presented the Abraham Accords, a Middle Eastern policy that was superior. It was an excellent foreign policy.

He is criticized for not being educated enough to comprehend the world. It’s not true. His foreign policy was one of the best I’ve seen in recent decades. If he had been president when the Russian invasion began, then no, the Russians could not have done that. Trump is therefore the only man capable of saving the West and possibly the entire human race.

This answer shows why he would not be popular with Joe Biden.

Orban stated that he believed Ukraine joining NATO would mean “immediate danger to us all.” He claimed that the conflict could be resolved quickly, but it was up to America.

We are proud to be Hungarians. The political and mainstream thinking of Western societies is not what we are used to. In Hungary, however, we still hold these values dear and are very patriotic.

He added that he was not the favorite liberal politician and that the reason that they were able to preserve things is because they focused on “we”, and higher appeals than the ego, the family, God, or nation they had to serve. Instead of just being concerned with the “ego.” He said that it was out of style in the West, and he’s absolutely right. I can remember a time when the United States was more focused on the things that united us than those that divided us.

They talked about how Orban is not liked by the Biden administration, and that some people call him racist, just as they do Republicans in America.

Orban had an excellent answer. Orban claimed that in Europe liberal meant “enemy” of freedom. It’s the same in America.

Orban claimed that they were allies of the United States, but he believed they were treated worse by the Biden Administration in terms of people who work in Hungary and are then double taxed in the U.S. He claimed that the Biden administration tried to defeat him, but he still won.

Tucker asked Orban whether he was a Putin puppet. Orban talked about the history of Hungary being crushed by Russia, and that no Hungarian would be a puppet.

Tucker had a great question at the end of the interview for Orban, the “fascist.” Did he consider indicting his challenger on documents charges, he asked, in a pointed shot at Joe Biden and the targeting of Trump. Orban said that kind of thing “was not part of our culture.” “That was done by the Communists,” he said. “It’s a very Communist methodology to do that.” They may disagree on things, he explained, but they wouldn’t do that because they were concerned about uniting the nation. What a concept, that’s a thought that once we seemed to hold as sacred.

The full interview is below: